Delhi ki Bhel


When one says bhelpuri, one does not prepare for many surprises! What more can there be in the good old bhel/ bhelpuri to make it more exciting apart from the rare pomegranate seeds that some vendors add?

Wait till you try this bhel served by the vendors at Delhi’s Connaught place street. The bhel served here is such an amazing mixture of spicy and tangy! I had my eyes watering with the spiciness! Trust Delhiets to add drama to even the most mundane and mainstream streetfood!

And I love the extravagant display here. Pure Delhi style and so much in contrast with the tiny thelas (carts) we have here in Mumbai! So many colours. I just wish I had captured the entire process in the video and not just the last part.

Oh and do not forget to treat yourself to this delicacy when in Delhi!





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