The Hunger Games Cafe [Borivali]

Hidden between a multitude of regular shops, The Hunger Games Cafe is a ‘hole in the wall’ type joint in IC colony.

The name is what had attracted me. I assumed it would be inspired by the movie/book series… but it  rather signifies the two aspects this cafe is based on – satisfy your hunger pangs while fighting it out over NFS or FIFA with your best buds! Yup, they have a gaming room in the cafe complete with bean bags and LCD screens and game controllers and posters of sportsmen. It is just the perfect place for all hungry game buffs!


The gaming area is generally full but the outside eating area provides for a quiet space which suits my liking. They have a small collection of books, not remarkable, but you can find something to kill time!!
I like to sit here for hours with a sandwich and a bottle of Mazza, just chit-chatting my time away.
The preparations are basic but good to taste. I went here twice and both times they did not have any milkshakes or smoothies, so I had to settle with Maaza! The menu spread is not huge, and it is better not to expect out of the world preparations. Rather go here for the ‘not burning a hole in my pocket’ but still yummy options, and you will come back happy.

We tried the Bombay Special Toast, which comes loaded with vegetables and mayonnaise. We also tried Chilly Cheese toast, Veg. BBQ burger and  Classic Veg. burger. The Burgers were well made and the patties fresh. My favourite among these is the Class Veg. Burger, filling and delicious!

Bombay Special Toast
Chilly Cheese Toast
Veg. BBQ Burger
Classic Veg. Burger with Cheese

Overall Experience: All-in-all, the place has super pocket-friendly options and friendly, non-interfering service.

Food :):)

Service :)

Ambience 🙂

The Battle: The battles here are fought with controllers … Let the games begin!

The Hunger Games Cafe – Google Maps

The Hunger Games Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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