NH1 Kitchen & Bar [Chakala]

We all have those friends (nope, this is not a Facebook meme)… Anyway, I was saying, we all have those friends who are hell bent on ensuring that you die hungry, ‘coz you know I don’t wanna eat a sandwich, I don’t want to go so far, I want a drink and we can’t g here coz it doesn’t serve one  and so on…

That happened to me yesterday when I was literally just hanging on to my dear life, famished! Yup, I was that hungry and I am overly dramatic when I am hungry. No kidding! So when we landed upon NH1 on our dear friend Zomato and saw that this place serves alcohol and is within our end of month budget, we decided to give it a try.

Those who have not been to dingy restaurants with buzzing crowd maybe a little apprehensive when they first see this place or the almost dark pictures. But once you settle down, you kinda like the Dhaba-ish feel of the place. The menu has pretty good options, mostly focusing on North Indian, Mughlai and Chinese cuisine, and some meal options as well which can further be converted to mini meals. The drinks are cheap too and food ranges from good to okay.

We started with Veg. Basket, which we assumed would be something along the lines of tikkis and veg. crispy. It turned out to be a spicy garlic based Chinese starter with tons of vegetables in a wheat flour (maida) basket. It was good. A tip, make sure you have it while it is hot so you can actually enjoy it.

Veg Basket


Hungry as we were, we jumped to the main course immediately. We ordered Amritsari Kadhai Subzi, Dal Bukhara, Kulcha, Pudhina Roti and Jeera Rice. Don’t judge me, I was hungry!!

Amritsari Kadhai Sabzi is a milder version of Veg. Kolhapuri. Low on  spice and high on paneer and vegetables. What I liked was the Dal Bukhara, it was well made, buttery and delicious. It is definitely worth the order if you are here. The Kulcha and Rotis were soft and crispy too. The chakna they serve is delicious, and they refill it without having to ask!

Amritsari Kadhai Subzi
Dal Bukhara


What you should know is that the place takes its last order around 3 ish and is basically in a hurry to close down and prepare for the evening post that. So if you plan on going here, check out the time or order sufficiently in advance. Either way, they will look at you till you get up and be gone! Apart from this, the service is quick and nice.


Overall we were satisfied with the meal and really really full!

NH1 Bar & Kitchen – Google Maps

NH1 Kitchen & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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