Only Parathas [Oshiwara]

You do not love food if you do not like heavy, stuffed and butter/desi-ghee loaded parathas, the Punjabi Style! A well stuffed and well-made paratha is a blessing from heaven, at least for the likes of me, with hunger that cannot be satisfied by a plate or two or three of pasta (generally!) I just love parathas and kulchas, stuff them real nice and spice them well and I am good to go! Change that stuffing inside and I will hogg on them for days without complaints!

Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about Only Parathas. Our craving for some delish parathas made us drive all the way from ‘Town’ to Oshiwara, saying No to every time we went ‘oooo…. there is xyz in Parel/Bandra/abc’. Focus takes you to great heights, they say! Oh and PS , I am not a townie, I was just there! 😛

The Oshiwara outlet of Only Parathas is not difficult to locate if you listen to Google Aunty (the amazing voice that takes us places and sometimes for a ride!) The restaurant is huge, a really big seating area outside and an AC section equally big. One is greeted by a chat counter near the entrance and makes you turn to have a better look! The interiors are done up neatly, with wooden decor, the fine dine style. Soft music and courteous service!

The expanse of the menu is massive. Some continental and chinese options  make their appearance at the start…(I wonder why, it is Only Parathas, and that is how it should be). It is then followed by the real deal…the Paratha menu. The choice of combinations is mind boggling! It is like everything goes with every other thing and you are left confused! If that is your state, stick to the Chef Specials and The Paratha Meals, or pick one of their cheese paratha options blindly.

Each paratha is generously filled and served with a bowl of raita (curd), kali dal and chole.

Paneer Pudhina Paratha : Paratha stuffed with a succulent mixture of paneer, pudhina, and coriander.

Paneer Pudhina Paratha

Lahori Paratha : One of the Chef specials, with a mixture of aloo, pudhina, gobi, tamatar and pyaz. It feels more like your mom’s attempt at making you eat veggies.

Lahori Paratha

Lazeez Paratha : Lazeez Paratha has a lazeez  mixture of cheese, paneer, spring onions and garlic. This one should be on your list to try here!

Lazeez Paratha

Gobi & Spring Onion Paratha : A tad on the drier side (cauliflower has that tendency/gobi), this one is stuffed with a mixture of the two elements. Tastes real good with the raita and dal they serve.

Gobi Spring Onion Paratha

Cheese Garlic Paratha : The highlight of our entire meal! This one is just delicious! Stuffed extra generously with cheese that is just oozing out, and with some garlic, this one doesn’t need the side kicks to be had with. Rather you would be kicking the one on your side to stay away from your food!

Cheese Garlic Paratha

Overall Experience : Amazing. Love the quiet ambience and the exceptionally good food, top that with great service and it is a thumbs-up!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle : You just cannot stop with one order of their cheese paratha options. You just cannot!

Only Parathas, Oshiwara – Google Maps

Only Parathas Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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