Delhi Highway [Sakinaka]


The ambience of Delhi Highway gives you a royal feel, to say the least. Beautiful and artsy gold and ivory work, with blue undertones. The designs and the decor in the restaurant are straight out of a picture from royal darbar.

The seating is comfortable, with a few semi-separated group sofas among other tables. The service is really friendly and prompt. Delhi Highway is generally packed due to its location and its amazing food and hence a prior booking is recommended.


They have an a la carte menu as well as a set thali menu. There are two different thalis for lunch and dinner. Lunch thali consists of four starters and main course dishes along with lassi and desserts and is priced at 499(plus taxes). Dinner thali has six starters and is priced at 650(plus taxes). The prices are decent for the ambience and the food is amazing!

Here is a look at our royal meal at Delhi Highway :

Masala Mint Cooler

Masala Mint Cooler – Basically Virgin Mojito, this was refreshing but a little sweeter than desired.

Tomato Dhaniya Shorba – A clear tomato based soup, a strong aroma of coriander hits you, and the taste is just perfect. No hint of sweetness, perfectly spiced, the shorba was really good.

Masala Papad Cones – Crispy papads rolled up into a cone with the masala (onions, tomatoes, coriander and spices) stuffed inside. It was topped with a spicy mint chutney which added to the flavour. These were served in glasses decked up in a wooden box.

Gol-gappa Shot – Shot glasses full of spicy paani,topped with the puri which is stuffed with boondi and spices. The paani of Gol gappa is more on chilli water side, perfect for those who love their panipuri really spicy.

Mix Chat – Dahi bhalla chat, with really soft bhalla and lots of mix chutneys (sauces), garnished with sev, coriander and pomegranates. It was delicious but a little sweet. Make sure you tell them about your chutney preferences before they get this!

Dahi Bhalla Chat/Mix Chat

Charcoal Mushrooms – Mushrooms stuffed with a paneer (cottage cheese) and some vegetable  stuffings and marinated in a mild spicy tikka gravy. The mushrooms absorbed the delicious gravy but also retained their original taste leading to a delicious starter.

Charcoal Mushroom

Naramdil Kabab – Stuffed with delicious melt in the mouth malai paneer and peas, with a crispy exterior, these are a delight! Not even a drop of chutney or pickle is needed to have these as the paneer used in itself is delicious and flavourful. Have them hot and you will love them!

Broccoli Pesto Tikki – More on the lines of Hara Bhara Kabab. Mix stuffing and perfectly spiced. Served with a spicy chutney on top.

Broccoli and Pesto Tikki and Naram Dil Kabab

Indo-Mexican Quesadilla – A fusion dish, semi crisp Parathas stuffed with a mixture of capsicums, onion, tomatoes and black beans in a salsa style gravy.They lacked any particular distinct taste. Had these been spicier, they would have tasted much better.

Indo-Mexican Quesadilla

Kadhai Pasta – Pasta cooked in a tikka gravy, spicy with lots of veggies from tomatoes and capsicums to mushrooms and olives. The tikka gravy based pasta was delicious. The twist here was that this pasta is served with tandoori naans. A combination that amuses you as well as amazes you. It is every bit lip smacking and worth a try!

Kadai Pasta

The main thali was replete with all types of flavours from spicy to sweet, from kulcha to rice.


Corn Palak – Perfect combination of palak (spinach) and garlic gravy with corn.

Methi Malai Matar – A delicious combination otherwise, except for the fact that malai/cream overshadows the taste of methi. It goes on the sweeter side rather that a slightly bitter taste that methi would have otherwise rendered.

Pindi Chana – Pindi Chana was the highlight of the sabzi options in the thali. Thick mild spicy gravy, lots of garam masala, garlic and ginger. Loved this one. What aroma and what taste!!

Dal Delhi Highway – Creamy dal, Bukhara style. Non – spicy and delicious.

Paneer Delhi Style – Non-spicy but distinctly flavoured gravy, strong taste of ajwain and on the creamier side. Delectable! Loved this one as well.

Raita – Thick curd with spices (jeera and red chilli powder) and coriander. Peas Pulao and Paneer Kulcha were also a part of the thali.

Kheer – Mind Blowing taste, just perfect sweetness which managed to bring out the taste of  kesar. Topped with finely chopped dry fruits, you are definitely reaching out for more!

Jalebi & Rabdi – Delicious jalebis, not overly sweet, crispy and perfect. Served with a creamy rabdi. Hot Jalebis and Rabdi, they nail this combination with style. Must try here, irrespective of how full you are!

Jalebi Rabdi
Delhi Special Lassi

Delhi Special Lassi – Another feather in their hat, a thick sweet and creamy lassi served chilled in a kulhad. Don’t say no to this one even if you are not a lassi person.

By the way, why are you not?😛

So the moral of this drool-worthy story is that, keep some space in your tummy for their mind-blowing desserts, there is a reason they are served last here!

Overall Experience :  Burrrpppp….!! Lip smacking food with the perfect flavours (mostly) and amazing service. You won’t get a reason to complain.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle : Jalebi or Kheer or Rabdi or Lassi? The struggle, I tell you. But in the end, have it all. No regrets!! 😛

Delhi Highway – Google Maps

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