Coma Coma [Bandra]


Coma Coma is a delivery only Mexican food joint in Pali Hill. They deliver to Santacruz , Khar and Bandra (west) regions and have partnered up with Scootsy to cover Juhu, Mahim, and BKC as well.

Our food arrived fresh and almost hot packed in colorfully labeled boxes, the true Mexican style! The food here is true to its Mexican style as well. Perfect combinations of tomatoes, onions and  chili peppers – the ones that ought to be there and not the ones that you can lay your hands on.




Whoever said – “It is not just a burrito, it is foil wrapped, hand-crafted, food culture changing,  cylinder of deliciousness” was probably referring to one of their delicious burritos.

The burritos were huge and filling. Tortilla was mildly steamed and loaded with appropriate stuffings and sauces. Perfectly packed. Loved them!

Jackpot – Flavorsome filling of parboiled rice, potatoes in cheese sauce with Pico de Gallo. Non-spicy and so filling.

Soy – Soy pieces in a spicy sauce, with veggies and spicy sauces. Loved this one!


Fried puffs with different stuffings. Just perfect to munch on. They came with a spicy Fuego sauce which perfectly complemented the non-spicy fillings.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese – Imagine a delicious filling of Mac ‘n’ Cheese oozing out as you bite into a hot puff. Loved this.It is a must have. Make sure to have it hot or the dramatic effect will be lost! And it tastes amazing with the spicy dips.

Pasture – Non-spicy stuffing of spinach, corn, and mushrooms. Another delicious offering.


Pico De Gallo – Freshly chopped onions and tomatoes, with coriander and lime.

Salsa Roja – Super spicy dip, tomato, and onion based with garlic and pepper. This one has the power to transform anything from bland to beautiful. Loved it! 😍

Salsa Verde – A green tomato and chili-based sauce, another delight!

Guaca Mole – Avocadoes, tomatoes, onions and lime juice. Perfect! 

Sour Cream – Smooth and creamy and not overly sour 😍

We also tried Esquites – sweet corn, small pieces of cottage cheese, onions, coriander, mayonnaise and lemon juice. A salad with a twist! This was perfect.

What a party we had! Delicious burritos and empanadas. Dips – some mouth watering and some tear inducing. But what is a party without a cake? Someone pretty damn famous said it is a meeting. And we don’t do meetings. No Sir!So we had a cake! A Mexican style cake. To be very frank, we have never tried a

To be very frank, we have never tried a Chocolate Tres Leches so I cannot judge this one but all I would say is, I know the telephone number and I am calling for it again, Coma Coma! Delicious chocolaty flavour and lots of whipped cream. Not overly sweet or heavy or soggy, just perfect! Loved it!

Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

Overall Experience – Amazing. The food arrived perfectly and was delicious. Gorging on the burritos and licking the delicious dips off the lids of their boxes was a delight!

Food 🙂

Packaging 🙂

The Battle – This one will be for them, not me, for when I order and re-order and re re-order the Chocolate Tres Leches cake. Mind blowing!

Coma Coma – Google Maps

Coma Coma Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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