The Hood [Goregaon]

You know when sometimes, you meet someone or enter a place with certain expectations, ensuring that they are not sky-high, just merely achievable?

And then they surprise you, with not only meeting them but surpassing them and still going higher? Never happened?

Okay how about this, let’s remove the human angle and bring in food. Only food. Who cares about humans anyway, especially when food is in question? So, ever been to a place with a thought – ‘I think the food should be okay’ or ‘More of an ambience kind of place, food will be just fine’ or the universal non-drinker issue ‘It is a pub, the food will be average. But on the bright side, my friends get cheap alcohol?’

Well, you can let these bad, harmful and depressing thoughts out of your mind when you visit The Hood. A perfect and much-needed addition to the suburbs, the location could not get better. Amusing exterior, chic interiors, groovy music and a service with a smile.


A perfect and much-needed addition to the suburbs, the location could not get better. Amusing exterior, chic interiors, groovy music and a service with a smile.  The place is divided into two sections, the upper section where the music is a little louder and the lower one, where it is otherwise. Decent parking space is available and there is a valet service as well. The place opens around 5.30 in the evening and generally gets packed soon, so a prior booking is recommended.

The Hood is a baby of three very passionate young individuals, who have poured their heart into every aspect of the place. Ask with a smile, and I am sure they will indulge you with more details and a bigger smile. The food here is delicious, most of the items prepared with a slight twist, but the twist is sure to leave you smiling.

Here is a look at what we tried :

Stuffed Shrooms – Mushrooms stuffed with a creamy filling. The cashew nuts steal the show in the gravy! Delicious!

Stuffed Shrooms


Samosassy – Paneer Tikka masala filled in small patti samosas. Crisp and not at all oily. The filling was non-spicy but flavourful with the paneer soft and perfectly marinated. Served in a Martini glass, the Samosassy is perfect for gorging on.

Thalaiva Tacos – Thalaiva means Boss. And these Tacos stand out from the crowd out there like a boss for sure! The good old corn tortilla is replaced with crisp methi thepla. The tacos are huge, and by huge I mean giant. Stuffed with fresh veggies, guacamole, and yummy sour cream that you would want to lick off the plate. The methi thepla gives a mild bitter taste that makes it all the more interesting. The real delight is when you reach a little deeper and bite into the potatoes. Loved these so much! Must try here.

Thalaiva Tacos

Ever heard of a pub that can mix a delight that doesn’t have alcohol? Quiet unheard of right? Step aside for the Chocolate Delight (Strawberry and Dark Chocolate). A delicious mashup of chocolate and strawberries, this is something you do not want to and should not think about sharing. Hawa Hawai is a delicious mocktail with pineapple and coconut cream and has a mild sweet taste of white chocolate.

Chocolate Delight and Hawa Hawai

Pav Wow – It is a really wow take on the pav bhaji. The bhaji is a delectable version of the staple Veg Kolhapuri, a dish we order when we want something spicy to tingle our tastebuds. The pav in Pav-Wow are scooped out and the bhaji is filled in, topped with a little cheese and baked to crisp perfection. Garnished with sev, the Pav-Wow doesn’t fail to wow you. And they were crisp even after letting them be while we tried the Pesky Potayto Skins, the Chef’s take on the potato skins with cherry tomatoes and molten cheese. Just yummy and pesky!


Old Farmer’s Wife – The aroma hits you before you take the first bite and you really wanna just soak it all in. Herb rice, a mild spicy gravy, with Kaffir lime adding a slight citrusy taste to it. Toss in exotic veggies and you are good to go! Perfect thickness and texture, one is bound to dig in for ‘just one more bite’after every bite.

Old Farmer’s Wife

What is a good meal without a good dessert?  If you are a sucker for happy endings, then you ought to try the Torta De Tres Leches – a sponge cake soaked in three (tres) kinds of milk (leches) – condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream, overnight. The cake was light and not at all soggy. Every bite felt like a gateway to heaven.

This is my second time trying Tres Leches. This dessert just doesn’t disappoint and the one at The Hood is a must must try. If you are still asking why, then how about this – I said no for a dessert ‘coz I was just too full, but my hosts insisted that I try this and I did. And after the first bite, I did not talk, just kept eating till the last bite. I seriously do not remember what people around me were talking about, it is that good!

Torta De Tres Leches

Churros – Fried dough pastry served with chocolate sauce. Perfectly crispy outside and soft inside and dusted with cinnamon, that adds a mouth-watering aroma to them. Loved these!


They also have some more delights with a twist that just makes you wanna try them. Their french fry buckets are pretty famous and the nachos are made with crisp methi theplas cut into chips. These two are on my list the next time I visit, which will be soon. Really soon!

Overall Experience: Perfect. Great food,  really good music and not very heavy on the pockets. Does one need anything else?

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: This one is hard to pick. Almost everything here is lip-smacking. But if I did have to pick one, it would be the Tres Leches cake. What a delight it was! Must have! One can’t get over how delicious it is!

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