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TED is a recently opened restaurant that focuses on Tex-Mex cowboy style decor and some great food.

The place is not difficult to locate, but it is surprising that such a place is located in this part of the industrial estate. So don’t be shocked when Google aunty says ‘You’ve arrived’ and all you see is a lane full of tempos and trucks. You enter Virwani Industrial estate and the place is located a little inside. There is plenty of free parking space, so that is a plus!

The place is not very huge but not small either. They have two level seating and a bar area as well. The upper mezzanine area is also given out for parties and can host about 15-20 people. They have a projector screen and the music is good, not too loud. The walls are done up in ranch style fencing with posters depicting cowboy styles and characters. A pair of saddles is hung from one of the wooden wall sections. The seating is comfortable, with a mix of regular and high tables (near the bar section).

The menu is a mix of Continental, Mexican, as well as a few Indian dishes with a twist. They have a good mix of some delicious mocktails and strong cocktails.

As we settled down,  we were served with Amusegueule  – a bite-sized portion (one piece each) of baked potatoes with cheese and spinach filling. Amusegueule is served gratis and is a part of French culture. The bite-sized portion is said to induce hunger and boy did it achieve that! We were craving for more of this cheesy goodness, itself!


Here is a peep into what we tried :

 Crumb balls : Cheese balls in two combinations :  corn-cheese and corn-jalapeno. The corn-cheese focused on the cheesy flavour, while the jalapeño option had a mildly spicy and pungent flavour associated with jalapeño. The balls were crispy on the outside and the cheese filling was not at all chewy. The crumb balls were served with a spicy mayo. Loved these!

Crumb Balls
Lemongrass Chilly Veggies A mildly spicy gravy with veggies tossed in. They gravy had a strong aroma and tangy flavour added by lemongrass. Garlic and ginger further enhanced the delectable gravy.It was perfectly flavoured and you could not stop having another bite!
Lemon Grass Chilly Veggies
I strongly recommend Fresh Watermelon Sangria, even if you are not a teetotaler! The tangy sweet concoction of watermelon, cranberry and grape juice is just refreshing. The lime wedges add a much needed citrusy flavour.The Ananas Comosus is also a refreshing option with pineapple and basil.
Fresh Watermelon Sangria and Ananas Comosus
Assorted sliders – four medium sized sliders, two  with mushroom based patties and two with the all vegetable patties.
Mushroom Slider – The patty was made crisp on the outside. Non-spicy mushroom based stuffing with cheese cream. Lettuce and veggies added to the taste. Loved these!
All Vegetable Slider – Delicious patty with loads of veggies and cheese, topped with caramelised onions.
The sliders come with a serving of super crispy french fries. The sliders and burgers here are totally worth a try!
Sliders – Mushroom and All Veg
We were too full and could not try the desserts or the misal-pav and vada pav starters that people are going crazy over. They also have some delicious bhajia and kotambir vadi option that the Chef informed us,are well-received instead of the traditional chakna.
They also boast of preparing of the menu dishes if requested (and if possible). So you name any starter, and if they can,they shall prepare the same for you!
What I am really glad about is that some happening places are coming up in the suburbs for those who wanna enjoy good food and music and some happy hours as well!

Overall Experience: The food is good and not very heavy on the pocket. The ambience is perfect to chill over delicious grub and maybe watch a match or just chat away!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle : Guess who had the maximum number of those sliders? Take a wild guess! 😉

TED Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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