Bombay Barbeque [Malad]

Be a human on the street and a freak at the buffet!

Somebody kinda famous said that… who are we to ignore famous people?

So we heeded their advice and headed for a marvellous buffet at Bombay Barbeque.

Now, we call it marvellous because, my god, look at the uber classic feel ambience, the best-of-class service and the crazy range of options! We headed to the newly opened outlet in Malad for a lunch buffet. The outlet is located in a quiet lane of Mindspace

We headed to the newly opened outlet in Malad for a lunch buffet. The outlet is located in a quiet lane of Mindspace area and is huge. The decor is simple yet gives a classy feel. We especially loved how Indian spices in all forms and colours are kept in glass jars that decorate the walls and partitions. There are live chat counter, dessert counter and a glass window that stands between you and the kitchen and lets you experience the food being prepared. There is an outdoor seating that houses a cafe with a la carte menu. The cafe is beautifully done and is definitely inviting!

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We were here for the buffet so let’s talk about that. Like we said earlier, the expanse of the menu is definitely going to leave you a little sad…no no, not because it is in any way less varied, but because you are not gifted with a few spare tummies so you could eat it all! 😉

We ate, we ate a lot, but we missed out on a lot and I blame the human anatomy for that! Here is a peek into what we hogged on at Bombay Barbeque:


The starters were served on the table. We started off with Panipuri, followed by a plate of Sevpuri, Dahi puri all of which were perfect and made fresh. They tend to make the Chaat options sweet-spicy, or what we call in the roadside language – medium, so if you would rather have them spicy or sweet, better mention in advance.

Cajun Spiced Potatoes

Then came the best thing ever – Cajun Spiced Potatoes. I am still not over these! How can this be so good! The potatoes were very crispy on the outside and soft inside. The gravy was mildly spicy and garnished with onions and coriander.

If we could, we would have only these for the meal! I am telling you, the human anatomy is letting me down seriously these days!

If only the Amazons and Flipkarts of the world could help solve this problem.

Anyway, before I digress, the other starters included Potli ka Khazana, Tandoori Sweet Potato along with the many options on the grill right in front of us.

Potli ka Khazana has a crispy exterior and is filled with potato and veggies mixture that is not spicy. Tandoori Sweet Potatoes are perfectly cooked to retain the mild sweetness and covered in a tangy gravy.

Just when we were starting to wonder, ‘They said BBQ, right?’ , they set teh grill on our table. On the grill were Silky Paneer Masala, Thai Grilled MushroomsChatpata Bhutta and Honey Chilli Pineapple. Paneer was soft and perfectly marinated in a non-spicy tikka masala gravy. The Thai mushrooms were amazing with the tangy flavour, succulent and went perfectly with the spicy green chutney. Honey Chili pineapple was another delicious surprise, tangy and firm on the outside, but once you bite in, the sweetness of pineapple does wonders. Bhutta was covered in a mixture of tamarind sauce, lime and chaat masala. So yummy and chatpata!

Salty Beach and Cran Cooler

Salty Beach was just perfect with the mixture of Kalakhatta and black currant. The salted rim only made the flavours better!

Cran Cooler is a refresing fizzy option with cranberry (obviously) and lots of lime juice. Loved it!

We also tried Arrabiata Pasta which was really good with a tangy tomato sauce and lots of veggies. It was garnished with lots of chilli flakes that made the aftertaste mildly spicy.

These are also served on the table. Another option was the white sauce pasta. The mini pizza is a thin crust pizza with veggies and cheese.

There is a concept of Wish Grill at every outlet, where a live counter is set and one can pick and choose any veggies (or meats) and the chef then prepares these in the way the customer likes!

This is a counter much in rage and worth a shot.

Lots of salads, papdi chats, papad etc. are also available here. But don’t go overboard with these ‘coz their Indian main course and desserts are amazing!

Pizza and Arrabiata Pasta

Main Course

Chilli Basil Noodles – Mildly spicy noodles with basil adding a really tempting aroma.

Three Pepper Fried Rice that went really well with Red Thai Curry. Intense coconut flavour dominated the curry and the last taste was a tad spicy. Liked it!

Chilli Basil Rice & Three Pepper Fried Rice
Red Thai Curry and Garden Veggies in Garlic Sauce

The number of Indian gravies and curries was insane! They had everything, from Dum Aloo to Dal Bukhara, and picking one is just so difficult!

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Paneer Awadhi Korma was a kofta based sabzi with a spicy gravy, each flavour coming alive. The kofta was really soft and perfectly marinated. Dum Aloo Hare Masale Ka is a spinach gravy based sabzi that is a must must try!

Langarwale Chole is spicy due to tons of garam masala and was so perfect with the steamed rice. Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda has perfect soft pakoras dipped in the gram flour based kadhi (curry). Delicioso!

Dal Bukhara was delicious and loaded with butter, the aroma itself was mouth watering! Gobi Sialkot is an interesting combination of cauliflower and broccoli made in Indian homestyle masala. The parathas, naan and kulchas are served on the table.


Where do I start with the desserts! They have an extensive range! From Jalebis that are made hot and crisp right in front of you to chocolate pops and cupcakes!

We tried Vanilla Cupcakes, Strawberry Swiss Roll, Mix ice cream and mousse. All of which were really good.

But the stars of the show were Rabdi -Jalebi and Rasmalai! The jalebis were small, hot and crispy pieces of heaven! So delicious. Rabdi was another highlight.The kesar flavour was just mind blowing! Rasmali is soft and really light, you won’t realise and you would have popped a few of these already! Do not miss these here, the regret shall be too high!

Overall Experience: Amazing! The food is just delectable! The service is outstanding. Your plates don’t go empty even for a minute. The servers are constantly on their toes making sure everything is right and every customer is tended to! The price is totally worth when you once you experience their impeccable hospitality.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: The only battle would be to have another bite of, just another bite of so many things!

Bombay Barbeque – Google Maps

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