TRE Laze. Vapour. Buoyant [Lower Parel]


TRE – TRE is for ‘Three’ – the three pleasures this place wants to provide – Sheesha, Food & Cocktails.

And do they succeed? Well, we can vouch for the food and cocktails for sure!

The lounge has two levels, the open rooftop area is one where the sheesha action is. while the indoor section has the bar where all the cocktail magic happens. There is a live DJ as well and they also set up the stage (not literally) for people to perform. A new band was showcasing their creations when we visited.

The service is prompt and courteous. TRE has a vegetarian-only menu which is not very spread and the reason being that they plan to revamp their menu often and bring forward some kickass new dishes each time. Their main focus in on finger food and have quite a variety in the same.

What they are becoming famous for are their Cheesecake and Cocktails.


We will indulge you on that question!

New York Cheese Cake – Take a bite of this goodness and you will know why! They prepare the cheesecake from the scratch in house. The delicious creamy texture and the soft yet firm base! And heavenly to taste! A must must try here!

New York Cheese Cake

The cocktail menu is rather intriguing – the house blends, we mean. At first, you will be tempted to read again. Tamarind and Mango? I am probably checking the mocktail menu. But no, you are checking the Cocktail menu alright! They have added an Indian twist to their cocktails with ingredients like paan, coriander, mango or tamarind.

Pan Angoori – A Gin based cocktail with a strong flavour of paan. It has the aroma and the strong rustic-sweet taste that lingers on your palate. You feel the alcohol but the focus is on the paan.

Paan Angoori and Fresh Mandarin Mojito

Cinova – Pineapple + Ginger + Coriander + Smirnoff.

Confused? Don’t be. This is another one of their crazy infusions. Vodka with the desi flavours. The fresh flavours conceal the typical smell of vodka and give it a mildly refreshing one and it tastes great too! It is quite strong, though!

Pink Guava and Cinova

They also have some crazy shots to pick from.

From the mocktails, we tried Pink Guava and Fresh Mandarin Mojito both of which were refreshing and well-made.

No no, don’t worry. We did not forget to write about the food and we definitely did not forget to eat! 😉

Here is what we tried at TRE:

LebMax Nachos: Pita instead of nacho was the twist in this dish. Pita was made a little crispy and was loaded with cheese, cheese-cream, bell peppers and spring onions.

LebMax Nachos

Aglio Olio Corn: Corn tossed in a spicy mixture with olive oil, garlic, coriander and lots of peppers. It was well presented in a glass bottle and the quantity was good. In our opinion, it would make for a great chakna – not heavy and yummy!

Aglio Olio Corn

 TRE Tandoori Tikka: Paneer, Mushrooms and Potato – these and a spicy gravy. Paneer lacked the touch and was a little chewy but potatoes and mushrooms were really good. Well marinated in the gravy.  

TRE Tandoori Tikka

Papad Platter: Apparently one of their good sellers, it did not work its magic on us. The presentation was really good, but the papads and fryums were a tad too oily for our liking!

Papad Platter

Stone Grill Rice: The rice is prepared on a stone and has a mild smokey flavour to it. It is on the drier side and is loaded with veggies. Good enough to be had alone and can be paired with some gravy too.

Stone Grill Rice

Overall Experience: Overall, TRE has a good ambience and decent food. The service is good too.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: You guessed it right! That cheesecake! We would fight over it to New York and back if we had to!

TRE – Google Maps

TRE Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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