Sorriso Gourmet Kitchen[BKC]

Sometimes, you just order food with a particular expectation, but are soo freaking surprised when your expectations are not only met, but surpassed and your happiness level has climbed a few stairs extra! It makes you smile. And a smile is what Sorriso means. And a smile is what the food from Sorriso brought on our faces!
Sorriso is a delivery only joint in BKC that serves some delicious pasta, sandwiches, burgers among others. The food is delivered bang on time and packed neatly in boxes. Just so delicious. The portion sizes are huge and the meal is a complete value for money!
Here is a sneak-peak at what we hogged on:
Greek Salad: Fresh ingredients, and just perfect. The feta was yummy and mildly tangy. The olive oil seasoning just added amazing flavours to the salad. And the quantity is too good. Recommended.
Greek Salad
Grilled Veg Pesto Sandwich: This sandwich is a must must try! Stuffed with veggies and a delicious pesto sauce. The sandwich had a slightly nutty flavour. Loved it!
Grilled Veg Pesto Sandwich:
Aglio Olio Pepperoncino Pasta: We asked for the pasta in cream cheese sauce. Mildly spicy and so scrumptious! Cooked to perfection, with lots of olives and cilantro and seasoned with chilli flakes and oregano. Totally loved it!
Aglio Olio Pepperoncino Pasta:
Veg Aop Cottage cheese: Soft cottage cheese pieces tossed in a cheesy-garlicky mixture. Mildly spicy because of the chilli flakes.
Veg Aop Cottage cheese:
Crispy Crunchy Cottage Cheese Burger: The best part of our meal!
The burger is huge! And so delicious. The chunk of cottage cheese is crispy outside and so soft inside. The BBQ sauce along with the caramelised onions add the perfect sweet-tangy taste. The bun is soft and so yummy with lots of sesame seeds on top! Cheese and stuffed with veggies, this giant burger is a must try!
Crispy Crunchy Cottage Cheese Burger:
Chocolate Mousse: Light, airy and fluffy texture. Not overly sweet and perfectly chocolatey! Loved it!
Chocolate Mousse

Overall Experience: Amazing! The food is delectable and the delivery is neat and punctual. Loved every bit of our meal!

Food 🙂

Packaging 🙂

The Battle: Scroll up, stop at the burger, look at the picture again, and then ask me this question again!

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Coma Coma [Bandra]


Coma Coma is a delivery only Mexican food joint in Pali Hill. They deliver to Santacruz , Khar and Bandra (west) regions and have partnered up with Scootsy to cover Juhu, Mahim, and BKC as well.

Our food arrived fresh and almost hot packed in colorfully labeled boxes, the true Mexican style! The food here is true to its Mexican style as well. Perfect combinations of tomatoes, onions and  chili peppers – the ones that ought to be there and not the ones that you can lay your hands on.




Whoever said – “It is not just a burrito, it is foil wrapped, hand-crafted, food culture changing,  cylinder of deliciousness” was probably referring to one of their delicious burritos.

The burritos were huge and filling. Tortilla was mildly steamed and loaded with appropriate stuffings and sauces. Perfectly packed. Loved them!

Jackpot – Flavorsome filling of parboiled rice, potatoes in cheese sauce with Pico de Gallo. Non-spicy and so filling.

Soy – Soy pieces in a spicy sauce, with veggies and spicy sauces. Loved this one!


Fried puffs with different stuffings. Just perfect to munch on. They came with a spicy Fuego sauce which perfectly complemented the non-spicy fillings.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese – Imagine a delicious filling of Mac ‘n’ Cheese oozing out as you bite into a hot puff. Loved this.It is a must have. Make sure to have it hot or the dramatic effect will be lost! And it tastes amazing with the spicy dips.

Pasture – Non-spicy stuffing of spinach, corn, and mushrooms. Another delicious offering.


Pico De Gallo – Freshly chopped onions and tomatoes, with coriander and lime.

Salsa Roja – Super spicy dip, tomato, and onion based with garlic and pepper. This one has the power to transform anything from bland to beautiful. Loved it! 😍

Salsa Verde – A green tomato and chili-based sauce, another delight!

Guaca Mole – Avocadoes, tomatoes, onions and lime juice. Perfect! 

Sour Cream – Smooth and creamy and not overly sour 😍

We also tried Esquites – sweet corn, small pieces of cottage cheese, onions, coriander, mayonnaise and lemon juice. A salad with a twist! This was perfect.

What a party we had! Delicious burritos and empanadas. Dips – some mouth watering and some tear inducing. But what is a party without a cake? Someone pretty damn famous said it is a meeting. And we don’t do meetings. No Sir!So we had a cake! A Mexican style cake. To be very frank, we have never tried a

To be very frank, we have never tried a Chocolate Tres Leches so I cannot judge this one but all I would say is, I know the telephone number and I am calling for it again, Coma Coma! Delicious chocolaty flavour and lots of whipped cream. Not overly sweet or heavy or soggy, just perfect! Loved it!

Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

Overall Experience – Amazing. The food arrived perfectly and was delicious. Gorging on the burritos and licking the delicious dips off the lids of their boxes was a delight!

Food 🙂

Packaging 🙂

The Battle – This one will be for them, not me, for when I order and re-order and re re-order the Chocolate Tres Leches cake. Mind blowing!

Coma Coma – Google Maps

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Mr. Chow’s [Khar]

Mr. Chow? More like Mr. Wow!!

Mr. Chow’s is a delivery only Chinese joint, with a wide but well-curated menu. They deliver till Vile Parle in the western line and Dadar on the central side. They also have some other delivery points which you can check on their website.

Some really different preparations are on the menu and the huge number of options, leave one a little confused. We somehow got over our confusion and ordered from Mr. Chow’s. The food here is amazing. The delivery was before time, which is surprising and a point added!

The generous portion sizes were packed in plastic boxes and delivered without even a drop here or there. Another point added!

Here’s what we tried:

Crispy potato chilly spring onion

Crispy potato chilly spring onion:  Juliennes of potato, fried till crispy and garlic, spring onion based dry gravy. A Chinese twist to the simple French Fry.Your hands are going to reach out for another piece (or ten) non-stop! Perfect starter. The potatoes were perfectly crispy even though we ate our food an hour after it was delivered to us!

Crispy potato chilly spring onion

Vegetarian Balls – Chilly : Delicious Vegetable balls (Manchurian Balls) served in a dry gravy. Yummy!! Loads of vegetables and topped with garlic and spring onions. The aroma was enough to make our mouths water!

Vegetarian Balls (Chilly Gravy)

Paneer Kung Pao : Don’t go by the picture, this one is not spicy, instead has a sweet tinge to it. And as surprising as it may sound, it was really good. Huge pieces of paneer (cottage cheese), perfectly marinated and coated with the gravy,this dish was another good choice.

Paneer Kung Pao

Veg Chilly Garlic Noodles and Buddha’s Delight: I wonder why it is called Buddha’s delight, rather it should be called noodle’s delight! Delicious curry, full of vegetables… everything from corn to broccoli, from mushrooms to zucchini, this one just added tons of taste to the perfect noodles. Also, this one is from their Navratri Special menu and is delicious!

Veg Chilly Garlic Noodles
Buddha’s Delight










Overall Experience : My delight! 😉

The food was delicious and every time we said ‘ Done, I am too full’ , we reached out for another bite!

Food 🙂

Delivery and Packaging 🙂

The Battle: Controlling myself from picking up the fork and hogging on the vegetable balls even before the pictures were clicked!

Mr. Chow’s , Khar Outlet – Google Maps

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Wok 123 [Mahakali]

One Two Cha Cha Cha

Let’s do the Cha Cha Cha

Me and You Wok 123?

For those of you who have not heard of the song or Wok 123 yet….please Google and Zomato them respectively. One will get you cha-cha-ing and the other will get you slurping!!

Wok 123 is a new delivery only outlet in Andheri east. We recently tried the food here and were really happy with it. The packaging was good and the food was hot when it reached us.

Here is a peak into what we tried :

Veg. Kung Pao Curry – A tangy gravy, flavorful and loaded with bell pepper, tomatoes, broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms, cashew nuts, garlic and chilli. Perfect to go with rice and noodles. The ingredients used were fresh and the taste was amazing.

Kung Pao Curry

Veg. Thai Sweet Chilli Curry – Usually, I do not go for Thai curries, considering the coconut content, but this one was really delicious. A thick gravy, with vegetables and pieces of tofu, mildly sweet. Although the coconut (milk) content was high, the curry was delicious. The non-coconut averse folks are going to like it.

Thai Sweet Curry and Lemongrass Steam Rice

Lemongrass Steam Rice – Perfectly steamed and flavoured rice.

Chilli Garlic Potato Pops – Delicious balls of garlic and mashed potatoes, with chilli flakes. The mouth-watering aroma was what hit us first. One can munch on these endlessly!

Chilli Garlic Pops

Overall Experience – The food is amazing and the delivery is good. Wok 123 won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Food 🙂

Delivery and Packaging 🙂

The Battle : Trying to behave civilised and not hogging, rather stuffing all the chilli garlic pops in my mouth at once!

Wok 123 – Google Maps

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#ThatsCheesy [Mahakali]

Stop whatever you’re are doing.

No seriously, please. ‘Coz as you scroll down, you will drool all over your work, and we wouldn’t want that to happen right? So ya, stop everything and get ready for some cheesy goodness!

I happened to try #ThatsCheesy yesterday and don’t judge me for being cheesy when I say, I was blown away! Like literally, I lost balance coz of a slider and slipped over cheese, got tangled into some spaghetti and fell face first in greed for more!! Dramatic and cheesy? You will soon know whom to blame!

Paneer Tikka Double Trouble Slider with Cheese

Paneer Tikka Double Trouble Slider with Cheese : Two palm-sized sliders, soft buns with huge pieces of Paneer (cottage cheese) marinated in a spicy tikka gravy. The paneer was soft and juicy and the tandoori mayo sauce bang on! Served with crispy potato wedges, paneer tikka double trouble slider is exactly that… trouble for your diet!

Paneer Tikka Double Trouble Slider with Cheese

Mushroom Italian Double Trouble Slider : Only one word – Delicious. Imagine mushrooms, caramelized onions, some veggies, tangy chipotle mayo sauce, and cheese. Now mix them up and put them between two soft buns and get ready to drool. This one was my favourite. Just so cheesy and delicious!

Mushroom Italian Double Trouble Slider
Mushroom Italian Double Trouble Slider

Classic Aloo Tikki Burger with Cheese :  The patty in this burger was just mouth watering! Delectable! Tons of cheese, mayonnaise,  coleslaw (cabbage dressing) and a whole lot of yummy went into the making of this one. Big and  filling and messy! Perfect!

Classic Aloo Tikki Burger with Cheese
Classic Aloo Tikki Burger with Cheese

Veg Portuguese Duet Spaghetti Pasta : A super cheesy and creamy pasta, with loads of veggies like broccoli, tomato and baby corn. It just slid right through into my tummy! Perfect mixing of white creamy sauce with arrabbiata sauce to give that cheesy flavour to it!

Veg Portuguese Duet Spaghetti Pasta


#ThatsCheesy is a delivery only outlet located in Mahakali, Andheri and pretty famous for their burgers and sliders. They deliver in areas around MIDC,Chakala, Jogeshwari, Vile Parle and areas nearby. Considering it is a delivery only joint, the packaging and punctuality are important and they score big time on it. Our order was packed neatly in boxes, perfectly hot when it was delivered to us, right on time! Cheers to that!

Overall Experience : Cheesy! Some delicious sliders and burgers. I am most definitely calling them up for more. And you should too.

Food 🙂

Delivery and Packaging 🙂

The Battle : The one my tongue & heart fought with my brain… I am team heart. I need more of those yummy cheesy sliders!!

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