Bistro @ Coffee Break [Bandra]


Shakespeare said ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.’

But then, won’t there be confusion? Like if a rose is not a rose, then what finally is a rose? And what is ‘the rose that is not a rose’? My God, that’s one too many roses! What we are trying to say is….confusion!

But do not be confused by the name Coffee Break that you see when you spot this place from afar. It is not just for coffee. Bistro @ Coffee Break is a newly opened bistro in Bandra (located near Chaayos/Salt Water Café). It serves quite a few coffee and smoothie variants along with a vast menu spread around pizza, sandwiches, burgers, tacos, quesadillas and more!

There is an indoor AC section with two tables to accommodate groups of 4-3 each and a bigger outdoor section. Indoors are brightly lit where lies a very misplaced chandelier, a few books and coffee mugs. The music was really good and peppy! The counter has a huge board displaying what we are assuming to be their specials – tacos, burgers and shakes.

There is also a display of sandwiches, puffs, and desserts. What we loved the most about the menu was the variety of portion sizes. They have a small and large option available in most of their beverages, from coffee to coolers. As also for Pizza, there is an 8″ and a 10″ option. Unfortunately, no vegetarian options are available for the burgers.

We decided to hogg on pizza this time around!

Tikka Pizza – Small pieces of paneer with onions, capsicum and cheese on a tomato sauce base.

Tikka Pizza

Sicily – Lots of sundried tomatoes, onions, basil leaves and cheese.

Pizza Sicily

We liked both the options, they were adequately loaded and made well but were on the drier side. Perhaps a little more of the base sauce and these would be lip-smacking!

From the coolers, we had a Strawberry Splash and Mint Splash. Both are fizzy options and very well made. The fizz lasted until almost the end which is a plus!

Head to Bistro @ Coffee Break for a good meal the next time you are here. We hear the burgers are good (but we can’t judge them for you) or maybe you could try Deep Fried Oreos?

Bistro@Coffee Break – Google Maps

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Keventers : The Original Milkshake [Carter Road, Bandra]

Some things are done so right, that they become household names for the category. You say Xyz and this ‘done right’ thing is the first name that pops up in people’s minds.

As much as this sounds like the start of a marketing lesson, it is not! 😉

We would not do that to you guys! Anyways, to cut the chase short, what we were saying is, if suppose you say Milkshakes to a Delhiite, then the first name they will probably take is Keventers. And then we Mumbaikars are left with a small face ‘coz we probably have never been to Keventers or cannot go there as per our whims and fancies!

But those were age old days! ‘Coz Keventers is in finally in Mumbai, baby!

Delhi = 1                                                                                                                            Mumbai = 1

Hahaha! 😉😉

Keventers has finally opened shop in Mumbai at Carter Road (Bandra). Do we love this road or what! It is always coming up with the best of places! Only hoping this one sticks around.. or you know, maybe, just maybe they could come up in Andheri? Or say, Borivali? Common, Borivali is not that bad!!

Do we love this road or what! It is always coming up with the best of places! Only hoping this one sticks around.. or you know, maybe, just maybe they could come up in Andheri? Or say, Borivali? Common, Borivali is not that bad!! :D” width=”16″ height=”16″>

A small shop, it serves up some kick-ass flavours that are surprisingly not priced to burn a hole in our pockets! The outlet is cute with wooden interiors. There is no seating available inside, but one can find a place outside on the stairs. A vintage camera, a vintage phone, few picture frames showing Keventers’ history and glass bottles are all that decorate the outlet, but no one is going to be here for the decor. What matters are the milkshakes!

They have some contemporary flavours like mint-oreo crumble or raspberry delight along with the age old rose and alphonso mango.

We tried:

⇒ Mint Oreo Crumble – Yummy combination of Mint and Oreo, with Oreo being dominant. The addition of mint makes it so refreshing!

Exotic Strawberry – Made with original strawberry puree, this one is a bomb fo strawberry lovers!

Exotic Blueberry  – Personal favourite with the perfect taste of blueberries! ❤

⇒ Tutti Frutti – Who does not like this? We are fans! Flavourful and yet not overly done.

⇒ Alphonso Mango – This is for when you are craving mangoes and it is just winter yet! Yummy!

⇒ Raspberry Delight – Slurping on these for the perfect raspberry flavours! So good!

The milkshakes were delicious, not overly sweet and super light. They would fill you up and yet not leave you with the ‘My God, I had too much’ feeling! We did not find one that we did not like! Either we are too good at picking flavours or they are good at making everything!



One that we could not lay our hands on despite multiple visits was Bubblegum 😥😥

But that just gives us an added reason to go here!!

Head here for some delectable milkshakes and tell us which flavours you tried out! 😄

Oh, and PS: You get to take those bottles home!! ❤❤

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TED – Talk | Eat | Drink [Goregaon]



TED is a recently opened restaurant that focuses on Tex-Mex cowboy style decor and some great food.

The place is not difficult to locate, but it is surprising that such a place is located in this part of the industrial estate. So don’t be shocked when Google aunty says ‘You’ve arrived’ and all you see is a lane full of tempos and trucks. You enter Virwani Industrial estate and the place is located a little inside. There is plenty of free parking space, so that is a plus!

The place is not very huge but not small either. They have two level seating and a bar area as well. The upper mezzanine area is also given out for parties and can host about 15-20 people. They have a projector screen and the music is good, not too loud. The walls are done up in ranch style fencing with posters depicting cowboy styles and characters. A pair of saddles is hung from one of the wooden wall sections. The seating is comfortable, with a mix of regular and high tables (near the bar section).

The menu is a mix of Continental, Mexican, as well as a few Indian dishes with a twist. They have a good mix of some delicious mocktails and strong cocktails.

As we settled down,  we were served with Amusegueule  – a bite-sized portion (one piece each) of baked potatoes with cheese and spinach filling. Amusegueule is served gratis and is a part of French culture. The bite-sized portion is said to induce hunger and boy did it achieve that! We were craving for more of this cheesy goodness, itself!


Here is a peep into what we tried :

 Crumb balls : Cheese balls in two combinations :  corn-cheese and corn-jalapeno. The corn-cheese focused on the cheesy flavour, while the jalapeño option had a mildly spicy and pungent flavour associated with jalapeño. The balls were crispy on the outside and the cheese filling was not at all chewy. The crumb balls were served with a spicy mayo. Loved these!

Crumb Balls
Lemongrass Chilly Veggies A mildly spicy gravy with veggies tossed in. They gravy had a strong aroma and tangy flavour added by lemongrass. Garlic and ginger further enhanced the delectable gravy.It was perfectly flavoured and you could not stop having another bite!
Lemon Grass Chilly Veggies
I strongly recommend Fresh Watermelon Sangria, even if you are not a teetotaler! The tangy sweet concoction of watermelon, cranberry and grape juice is just refreshing. The lime wedges add a much needed citrusy flavour.The Ananas Comosus is also a refreshing option with pineapple and basil.
Fresh Watermelon Sangria and Ananas Comosus
Assorted sliders – four medium sized sliders, two  with mushroom based patties and two with the all vegetable patties.
Mushroom Slider – The patty was made crisp on the outside. Non-spicy mushroom based stuffing with cheese cream. Lettuce and veggies added to the taste. Loved these!
All Vegetable Slider – Delicious patty with loads of veggies and cheese, topped with caramelised onions.
The sliders come with a serving of super crispy french fries. The sliders and burgers here are totally worth a try!
Sliders – Mushroom and All Veg
We were too full and could not try the desserts or the misal-pav and vada pav starters that people are going crazy over. They also have some delicious bhajia and kotambir vadi option that the Chef informed us,are well-received instead of the traditional chakna.
They also boast of preparing of the menu dishes if requested (and if possible). So you name any starter, and if they can,they shall prepare the same for you!
What I am really glad about is that some happening places are coming up in the suburbs for those who wanna enjoy good food and music and some happy hours as well!

Overall Experience: The food is good and not very heavy on the pocket. The ambience is perfect to chill over delicious grub and maybe watch a match or just chat away!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle : Guess who had the maximum number of those sliders? Take a wild guess! 😉

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The Burger Brasserie [Lokhandwala]

The next time you are in the mood for some giant and delicious burgers, give The Burger Brasserie a thought. Heck no, not just a thought, make sure you drive/walk/crawl/fly/teleport there and give yourself a chance to taste some great burgers!

The Burger Brasserie (we call it TBB, for my convenience 😛) is a recently opened joint in Andheri. TBB is a brainchild of two friends, both chefs by profession. One can thus imagine the delicious perfection in every preparation.

The place is done up minimally with decent decor and comfortable seating, the focus is, as should be, on the food. The walls are lined with pictures from Marine Drive and Sea Link. There are both, an AC and a non-AC section. TBB is not only burgers, as one might think from the name and has quite a decent spread, with Tacos, Poutine and other grub to offer. Most of the dishes have been prepared with a slight twist, to make them more Indian. However, we were here for burgers and burgers we had!

The partner had done his research and had picked Paneer Tikka Galore, even before the menu was handed to him. I, on the other hand, was clueless as usual. And then I saw Pav Bhaji Burger on the menu. Intrigued, I went for that.

Paneer Tikka Galore – Soft juicy paneer piece, few marinated in coriander based chutney and  others, in tikka gravy, topped with lots of grilled onions, capsicum, and chilli mayo, this one is a delight for all paneer lovers.

Paneer Tikka Galore

Pav Bhaji Burger – Soft patty with lip-smacking pav bhaji on top. The onions give the exact Pav Bhaji feel. Mayo and veggies and a soft bun just make a wholesome burger. Not on the spicy side, just perfect. The patty is just delicious, not very juicy but thankfully not totally dry,it just oozes out with the mayo as you bite in. A must try burger here!

Pav Bhaji Burger

The burgers are huge and served with fresh salad dressing. Oh, and the patty (except a select few, probably fish based, if I remember correctly) is not deep fried!

Lemon and Kokum Iced Tea

We also tried Lemon and Kokam Iced Tea, both of which were refreshing and flavourful.


We missed out on other burgers ‘coz they were freakin’ huge (nope, I am not complaining, this is me, exclaiming 😛 ). But I am soon going here to try more! They have different offers for different days of the week and are planning to come up with sliders as well. All the more variety! 😀


TBB is not very difficult to locate, but Google aunty went a little crazy for some reason when we were trying to get here so I will sort it for you(in case she pulls a crazy one on you as well) – you have to take the left next to the Mercedes showroom (in the lane of Kokilaben Hospital) and then the first right and then keep following the lane. The place is on the right after a few blocks. There is sufficient parking space available in the lane, so that is a plus. They also deliver to quite a few locations, just confirm with the outlet if they can deliver to yours.

Overall Experience : Amazing. Lip-smacking burgers, totally worth the price. Courteous service and a good place to hang out.

Ambience 🙂

Food 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle : If you have not fought with the patty and the cheese and the veggies that threaten (and succeed) to ooze out as you bite, you have not enjoyed your burger. And with the burgers here, the size just adds to the fight!

The Burger Brasserie – Google Maps

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Glocal Junction [Andheri]

Those who stay in the suburbs or visit often are well aware of this area.. where there is a pub at every two minute distance! Loud groovy music and party crowd is very common here. To stand out or make a mark is difficult with so many options. But Glocal Junction does so with efficiency.
Huge place divided into an outdoor and an indoor seating, the indoor seating in turn being two leveled, huge iron structures giving you the feel or an under construction place, Glocal Junction has a great ambience. Fun music, a good enough expanse in the menu and friendly , prompt service!!

We visited the place on a Sunday evening and it was full with a happening crowd within no time!

Here’s a peep into what we tried :

We are at a pub. Has to start with some chakna right?

Popcorn in the form of a chaat/bhel – Popcorn mixed with freshly cut tomatoes, onions, and coriander. Quite innovative and really light. Slips right through your fingers and into your mouth, without you, even realizing it. Sneaky 😉


Glocal Fries  – crispy french fries served with lots of melted cheese!

Glocal Fries

Nachos – Tortilla chips loaded with veggies, black beans, cheese sauce and salsa. Crispy chips, already salted and spiced with a super delicious salsa sauce which makes you keep coming back for more.


Grilled Paneer with red onions and bell peppers – Peri Peri style – Soft pieces of paneer/cottage cheese tossed in a really spicy peri-peri sauce and served on skewers with bell peppers. The paneer cubes ,melt in your mouth and mixed with the peri-peri sauce, make for a delicious combination. The quantity is less though and the presence of a boiled corn cob and mini buns make it a little confusing.

Grilled Paneer with red onions and bell peppers – Peri Peri style


Berrilicious and Chilli Monk : Berrilicious is a sweet concoction of various fruit juices, a good option from the limited mocktail menu. Chilli Monk is a really confusing drink. It failed to pack a punch. It had a sweet base and was topped with a green chilli giving it the desired chilli flavour as in the name but yet not good enough to be ordered again.

Paneer Tikka Pizza – The pizzas at Glocal Junction are really famous and for a reason. This one was a thin crusted pizza, loaded with veggies and soft delectable pieces of paneer. What stole the show, was the melted cheese that would rule every bite you took!

Paneer Tikka Pizza

Firni Creme Brulee – Dessert are generally the last thing that a pub cares about getting right! But Glocal Junction stands apart.Delicious creamy texture, perfect top burnt caramel layer and consistent taste! Loved this to the last bite!!

Overall Experience: Good food, amazing ambience, this place should be on your list for the next hangout!

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: The amazing ambience doesn’t want to let you leave. The music is amazing and the food good, perfect for wanting to stay back for just a little longer!

Glocal Junction – Google Maps

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29 – Twenty Nine [Fort]

Why 29? ‘Coz it represent the 29 states of India. 29 – Twenty Nine is an Indian cuisine speciality fine dine restaurant, located in a one-way lane in Kemps corner. It has on offer some famous dishes from all over the country in the most authentic way possible.

The menu is pretty vast, with elaborate explanations for all dishes but they will still leave one baffled considering most of us do not know such a dish exists, let alone that it is a speciality from a particular state. The wall is lined with boards having names of the 29 states in their regional language. The decor is simple and colourful with pretty colourful lights and vibrant panels on the wall.


The restaurant menu changes every 6 months (that is what we were told) to include new dishes and give patrons an opportunity to experience India’s culinary diversity. The restaurant owner/manager is a great host, slightly enthusiastic but really hospitable.

We started with Potato Chops with Sanmeholi Chutney, crispy potato tikkis served with a flavourful Assamese green chutney that has coriander and mint as its major ingredients. The chutney is essentially our homemade green chutney but with Sanmeholi chillies from Assam.

Potato Chops with Sanmeholi Chutney
Tomato Soup

Next up a was the soup of the day, Tomato Soup, diluted tomato flavour with coriander, onions and mild sweet-tangy in taste.



Malmali Galouti Kebab : Galouti means ‘melt in the mouth’ and these were exactly that. Delicious melt in the mouth kebabs made with black beans (rajma), perfectly crispy and soft at the safe time.

Malmali Galouti Kebabs

Next we had Bhuna Kofta Curry with Kerela Parotta,  a delicious and mildly spicy curry with super filling Malabari/layered parathas, a delight!

Bhuna Kofta Curry with Kerela Parotta

Masala Chaas and Shikanji were refreshing.

My two cents :  29 is a place one should visit if they wish to experiment with Indian dishes at really pocket-friendly prices. The service and food are really good. The ambience is chatty and lively with the restaurant being almost full during peak hours with a family crowd.

The Battle : Saying no to some scrumptious looking Mawa Jalebi coz we were so full with the main course. These are really famous and if you happen to visit 29, do give them a try!

29, Twenty Nine – Google Maps

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