The American Joint [Borivali]

We are among the folks who were very happy when we saw that The American Joint has popped up so close to home. Every time we passed by the junction that is now home to The American Joint, we would smile.

We had been to the BKC outlet (read more here) earlier and had loved every bite we had there. So when we visited the Borivali Outlet, our expectations were sky-rocketing.

The outlet is huge in comparison to the BKC one. They have two levels of seating, the lower level with a few tables and a sprawling upper floor.

The interiors are classy and stylish and definitely make you stop and read/see again. Mainly done in greens and whites, the place has a good ambience and is quite spacious. You may miss this, so let us tell you, there is a small passageway on the first floor with tables to accommodate 2 and a maximum of three people, hidden away. We love the tables near the huge glass windows that give a good view of the road and park outside.

The service is pretty prompt and friendly. The menu is quite spread out compared to their BKC outlet and that is because they have introduced a whole new range of dishes, burgers, pizza, soups, salads among others, while also keeping their hot selling chef specials from the earlier menu.


Here is what we tried at our meal at The American Joint:

Hummus to You  The hummus was perfect  – soft, well spiced with chilli powder and coriander and had a little tang. It was served with slightly crisp whole wheat pita bread pieces. The pita was really light and the dish was tasty overall.

Hummus to You

Mountain O’ Nachos  Crisp tortilla chips with lots of veggies and loaded with Queso cheese sauce. It had olives, tomatoes, jalapenos that added a much-needed spiciness along with charro beans. We were served a smaller tasting portion but the actual portion size is filling to even look at!

Mountain O’ Nacho

Garlic Bomb Cheese Bread ⇔ Small bread buns with sharp garlic flavour. Served on a bed of sizzling hot tomato and veggies sauce. It was spiced with a lot of chilli flakes and topped with lots of cheese. The cheese was the right amount of stretchy and chewy. This is something you will definitely not want to share. And the aroma was equally mouth watering. Delicious!

Garlic Bomb Cheese Bread

Tikka Fries ⇔ Thick, crispy fries served with a gravy. But they did not do justice to the tikka gravy. It was supposed to be spicy but it lacked any strong flavours. It was just a creamy tomato based paste. Did not do justice to the name or description. Also, the fries, though were crispy, could have been much better. They were essentially hollow! 😦

Tikka Fries

We called for Pineapple Julep which was a delicious blend of juices. It was tangy-sweet and one would not be able to point at a single flavour but will definitely smile at every sip! Mint and lemon made it refreshing!

Pineapple Julep

We called for a few shakes as well. The shakes are very light. Going by the name, if at all you are assuming them to be freak-shakes of sorts, then you will be in for a huge disappointment. But if you are looking for light, flavorful shakes, then go on and order one of these! Though be warned, you will not find even the supposedly chunky shakes to be chunky. We would be disappointed too but were not coz the lighter version was welcome this time around. Another time? That is another story.

Khaike Paan Banaras Wala ⇔ This was the best of the shakes. Refreshing and light. It was not overly sweet and had the perfect paan flavour. Just imagine a delicious meetha paan crushed with milk to make a shake. The shake had everything, from beetle leaves to fennel seeds to those yummy cherries. Much recommended.

Khaike Paan Banaras Wala

Cookies and Creme Oreo Shake and Nutella Be Chillin’ Shake were light and flavourful and as mentioned, lacked any chunky bits of oreo or frozen Nutella.

Cookies and Creme Oreo Shake and Nutella Be Chillin’ Shake
 Overall Experience: We liked the food overall, except a few hiccups. The biggest disappointment was that we did not get quite a few items from the menu. From their entire dessert range, only the Ferrero Nutella Mousse was available. From the shakes and mocktails too quite, a few weren’t available.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: The ambience and those juices and paan shake in your hand, won’t let you wanna leave. It is so perfect for a good time with friends and family.

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90ft Above [Borivali]

90ft Above is a beautiful fine dine restaurant with amazingly done interiors. It has multiple sections, with a  huge lounge area that is a separate section – 90 ft Wok-Tail along with the inner AC section and other areas. The seating is comfortable and the place attracts huge family crowds and is packed even on weekday nights.

The service is friendly and they come up with good suggestions once you tell them your preferences. The menu is quite spread with some authentic dishes and some fusions ones. It starts out with salads and soups and has a few amazing chaap options as well.

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We started with Ukranian Vegetable Borsch, a classic beetroot based red soup. The Borsch at 90ft was perfect from the start. A mouth-watering aroma of beetroot and coriander, perfect tangy – sour taste and a consistent clear soup. It was loaded with small pieces of broccoli, beans and finely chopped beetroot and cauliflower.

Ukranian Vegetable Borsch

Paneer Ke Angaarey : Paneer ( cottage cheese) marinated in a spicy gravy and cooked in a tandoor. The gravy was perfectly marinated and the cottage cheese was juicy. The tandoor added a charred flavour to the preparation. Loved this one, but I would want the gravy to be even spicier for the angaarey feel.

Paneer Ke Angaarey

Chaap – e – Khaas : I guess the chef read my mind about Paneer ke Angaarey and sent in a crazy spicy but delicious chaap. The Chaap – e – Khaas is made with a mind-blowingly spicy but finger licking marinade, true to its description of being made in Afghani style gravy. The chaaps were perfectly marinated and did not have a hint of chewiness in them. The owner of the place informed us that the chaaps are sourced from Delhi and Amritsar to maintain the original flavoursomeness and texture of the chaap. These are a must try here.

Chaap – e – Khaas

Dal Makhani – Dal Makhni was delicious, creamy and  perfect.

Dal Makhni
Rosy Paan Ice Cream

Rosy Paan Icecream – I can’t believe I am going to go ga-ga over some ice cream, but man these are amazing. Rosy Paan Ice cream is their in-house creation and they have taken desi flavours to another level. The rose ice cream has rose petals and has the perfect gulkand flavour while not being overly sweet. Paan ice cream, on the other hand, has small tooti- fruit pieces and is just perfect ❤

Berry Ras Parfait – The classic American Parfait with an Indian twist to it. The fruits in the parfait were replaced with a delicious and light Rasmalai, topped with whipped cream and dried berries.

Berry Ras Parfait

Overall Experience – Amazing. The place is just perfect with a flawless ambience and some great food. Friendly prompt service adds to the amazing experience.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle – I kid you not, I fought my parents over the ice cream, like a kid. That one is a must have, will make you forget the chocolates and the Nutellas of the world.

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Ben’s Cafe [Borivali]

Ben’s Cafe is a dose of awesomeness in the really dry (meaning unhappening) Borivali-Dahisar stretch (near where the place is located). It is actually a hit and miss outlet if you do not know it exists. The cafe is not really a cafe, more so a small shop where the kitchen exists and an adjoining shop with a few chairs. The best part about the place is the tables set up outside in the evening! That is the time to visit it and enjoy some good company and delicious food.

Ben’s Cafe has been here for quite some time now serving really good food consistently, however, the prices have recently skyrocketed!  They also home deliver, and that is one option most people opt for. A must try here are their burgers and rolls.

Veg. Double Decker Burger

Veg. Double Decker Burger was delicious. Soft buns, and yummy patty with loads of veggies and mayonnaise. A no-nonsense burger, which is worth a try definitely!

Pasta options here are really good too. Pasta Alfredo is delicious and creamy, with loads of veggies and nicely dolled up in cheese! Yummmm..!!

Pasta Alfredo
Mexican Omelette

They serve a variety of omelettes, and you must check the specials menu for the ones they are serving when you visit.

Mexican Omelette is really good, with loads of green chillies and onions and tomatoes on the sides.

The pictures might not do justice to the food, but the cooks here do justice to the preparations!! The only problem being the fact that they take their own sweet time to get your food. But the wait is generally worth it!

Cold Coffee is more cold coffee water and less milk, completely skippable. I am surprised how they can mess this one up!

We also tried Panna Cotta, and although it may look average in the picture below, it was delectable! They have various options like blueberry, strawberry, etc. We tried the strawberry one and it was really good… perfect consistent texture and yummy strawberry flavour.

Panna Cotta

Overall Experience:The food at Ben’s cafe is delicious. The service is slow but friendly. Ambience does not apply much here, non-AC room with a few tables and some outside seating.

Food 🙂

Ambience 😐

Service 🙂

The Battle: If you ever happen to visit this place in the evening and grab a table outside, getting up to leave is difficult. It is just pleasant and quiet!

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Gossip – The Cafe Bar [Borivali]

Gossip Cafe is one of the few decent cafes in Borivali area. Located on the link road, this place serves some really good coffee and munching options. I have visited this place multiple times and tried most of their coffee options.

Frosty Biscayo is a delicious cold coffee, adequately strong, with lots of chocolate sauce and topped with Hide ‘n’ Seek biscuits. Gossip Temptation is another good option with loads of chocolate and whipped cream on top. Chocolate Gossip Temptation is a bit on the sweeter side with loads of chocolate sauce and chocolate ice cream. Gossip Chino  is our good old cold coffee with ice cream and chocolate sauce blended in!


Classic Cafe Mocha and Cocoa Gossip are my favourites in the hot coffee section. Cafe Mocha is the right amount of strong coffee with loads of chocolate sauce. A perfect combination.

Classic Cafe Mocha
Cocoa Gossip









Gossip Potato Basket comes loaded with crispy french fries, potato wedges, and potato smiles… perfect to munch on while you gossip your time away! Garlic Bread with Veggies and Cheese is another perfect cheesy option, loads of cheese and veggies, and not chewy.

Gossip Potato Basket
Garlic Bread with Fresh Vegetables

Cottage Cheese Indiano Panini is a delicious and filling sandwich, with pieces of paneer, loads of veggies and tons of mayonnaise. The salsa sauce it is served with is really good. Mexican Style Burger comes with a yummy patty, loads of veggies and cream cheese sauce. I liked this one!

Cottage Cheese Indiano Panini
Mexican Style Burger








We also had Milky Kiwi Smoothie and Mint Citrus Fizz, both of which are refreshing options if cold coffee is not your poison!

Milky Smoothie – Kiwi
Mint Citrus Fizz















Overall Experience: The food is good. Especially love their coffees, but consistency can be a problem. The ambience is decent, with the A/C section decently maintained but the open section really needs some looking after, as this could be the highlight of the cafe. The prices are not exactly light on the pocket, the service is friendly but sometimes slow.

Food 🙂

Ambience 😐

Service 🙂

The Battle: The confusion I have here is which coffee to have. Always!!

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Love & Latte

Love & Latte is a chain of cafés with some amazing coffee and tea options on offer.Having visited three of their outlets, I can say they are all outstanding… in terms of service, ambience and well, coffee!! The Andheri outlet is located near the Lokhandwala Circle and is just the ideal place in the swarmed area to enjoy a good cup of coffee. The outdoor seating and evenings are a perfect add-on to that cup! The one at Fort is immaculate in all ways! Perfect location and perfect ambience!

The Malad outlet is located in the commercial Mindspace region, but completely away from the traffic and chaos of the streets. In fact, the outlet located in such a far off corner.. that you can get a little confused locating it. This off-beat location is one of my favourite things about this place. The outlet has an indoor as well as an outdoor seating.The café is huge and spacious. Grab the sofa seats by the windows if you can, they are never available though, so, good luck with that!! The outdoor seating here is not suitable for those who are not comfortable with smoke.

They have a wide variety of beverages to choose from. We tried Coffee Tiramisu, Vintage Cold and Bronze Frost and were absolutely amazed!! It is difficult to pick one from these, but if ‘cold’ is your coffee type then these are your handy options!

Bronze Frost & Vintage Cold
Coffee Tiramisu

Tiramisu Hot Chocolate –  I just can’t get over it! It is the perfect blend and the fancy taste blew my mind away! If ‘hot’ is your beverage-type…you have to give this a try.

Tiramisu Hot Chocolate

We also tried the Passion Fruit Mojito which is surprisingly good. I expected a regular lemon based drink with a hip name.. but they meant passion fruit when they said passion fruit… giving us a tangy refreshing drink.

Passion Fruit Mojito

We also tried Paneer Tikka Sandwich,  Chicken Tikka Sandwich and Pasta Arrabiata. They are good but not much to rave about.

Chicken Tikka Sandwich
Pasta Arrabiatta

What you must never ever miss here is their Red Velvet Pastry/Cupcake. What a delight! The soft cream and the delicious cupcake are to die for. I have been a fan of this bundle of happiness since forever!

Red Velvet Pastry
Red Velvet Pastry
Walnut Brownie with Icecream

We also tried the Walnut Brownie with Icecream which is just as amazing. Served hot with dollops of chocolate sauce, it will melt in your mouth and make you fight for another bite!

Overall Experience: The service is friendly and the beverages are amazing.I would suggest you stick to beverages as the sandwiches and pasta are just basic (sometimes not even that). But the coffee will more than compensate for the rest!

Also, the place is open till late making it the perfect option for satiating the midnight coffee cravings!

Food 🙂

Service 🙂

Ambience 🙂

The battle: Are you kidding? I was raving about their Tiramisu Hot Chocolate and Red Velvet Cupcake like ten seconds ago!! Try them and you will know what a battle is when you have to decide which one to repeat!

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The Hunger Games Cafe [Borivali]

Hidden between a multitude of regular shops, The Hunger Games Cafe is a ‘hole in the wall’ type joint in IC colony.

The name is what had attracted me. I assumed it would be inspired by the movie/book series… but it  rather signifies the two aspects this cafe is based on – satisfy your hunger pangs while fighting it out over NFS or FIFA with your best buds! Yup, they have a gaming room in the cafe complete with bean bags and LCD screens and game controllers and posters of sportsmen. It is just the perfect place for all hungry game buffs!


The gaming area is generally full but the outside eating area provides for a quiet space which suits my liking. They have a small collection of books, not remarkable, but you can find something to kill time!!
I like to sit here for hours with a sandwich and a bottle of Mazza, just chit-chatting my time away.
The preparations are basic but good to taste. I went here twice and both times they did not have any milkshakes or smoothies, so I had to settle with Maaza! The menu spread is not huge, and it is better not to expect out of the world preparations. Rather go here for the ‘not burning a hole in my pocket’ but still yummy options, and you will come back happy.

We tried the Bombay Special Toast, which comes loaded with vegetables and mayonnaise. We also tried Chilly Cheese toast, Veg. BBQ burger and  Classic Veg. burger. The Burgers were well made and the patties fresh. My favourite among these is the Class Veg. Burger, filling and delicious!

Bombay Special Toast
Chilly Cheese Toast
Veg. BBQ Burger
Classic Veg. Burger with Cheese

Overall Experience: All-in-all, the place has super pocket-friendly options and friendly, non-interfering service.

Food :):)

Service :)

Ambience 🙂

The Battle: The battles here are fought with controllers … Let the games begin!

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