Curry Me Up [Malad]

When you are hungry and your know it…call Curry Me Up!

Curry Me Up is a delivery chain that specialises in North Indian delicacies. They have three outlets as of today and are expanding. Their first kitchen is at Versova, the second one at Chandivali to service Powai, Chandivali and Andheri east areas and recently opened third one at Malad to service Malad, Jogeshwari and Kandivali.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, with no intentions of stepping out in the hot sun, we got our meal delivered from their Malad outlet. The food arrived bang on time, in spill-proof plastic containers.

As we started unpacking the containers, the aroma filled our kitchen! Sunday sorted or what! ♥

Here is what made our Sunday special:

Makhmali Subz Sheekh Kebab – Assorted veggies in a soft, melt in the mouth kebab. It was non-spicy and delicious. The mild-spicy coriander-mint chutney only added to the flavour!

Makhmali Subz Sheekh Kebab

Paneer Malai Tikka – Cottage Cheese (paneer) marinated in yoghurt and spiced with ginger, garlic and other spices. It had a soft and creamy texture and was served with charred bell peppers and onions.

Paneer Malai Tikka

Kadhai Veg. – A creamy and mild spicy gravy with assorted veggies. Cauliflower, beans, peas, you name it, and the preparation had it! It tasted well with the assorted rotis and so well with the rice at dinner as well! 😉

What? You are not supposed to waste good food, especially when it is this good! ❤

Paneer Butter Masala – Delicious buttery tomato based gravy that has a hint of sweetness and soft, succulent pieces of paneer. Sooo good!

Dal Makhni – This was the best of options! Creamy dal makhani which was so well flavoured. Must try from the menu.

Paneer Butter Masala, Kadhai Veg, Dal Makhni

From the rotis, we had Mughlai Paratha, Laccha Paratha and Naan. All were well made and non-chewy which is a plus. We are a fan of their Mughlai Paratha now. It was just perfect!

Mughlai Paratha, Laccha Paratha and Naan

Vegetable Biryani – Fragrant, well-separated rice with a delicious gravy that is rich in flavours. The biryani is non-spicy and does not need an accompaniment although it comes with vegetable raita (curd). Loved it!

Vegetable Biryani
Vegetable Biryani

And then it ended with delectable Gulab Jamuns. So delicious, we are still drooling at the thought of those soft balls of love!

Gulab Jamun

Overall Experience: Delicious food and bang-on delivery time and so worth the pocket-friendly cost with generous portion sizes.

Food from Curry Me Up will lift your mood Up Up Up!

Food 🙂

Packaging 🙂

The Battle: Trying to keep your eyes open after such a scrumptious and lavish spread!


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Bombay Barbeque [Malad]

Be a human on the street and a freak at the buffet!

Somebody kinda famous said that… who are we to ignore famous people?

So we heeded their advice and headed for a marvellous buffet at Bombay Barbeque.

Now, we call it marvellous because, my god, look at the uber classic feel ambience, the best-of-class service and the crazy range of options! We headed to the newly opened outlet in Malad for a lunch buffet. The outlet is located in a quiet lane of Mindspace

We headed to the newly opened outlet in Malad for a lunch buffet. The outlet is located in a quiet lane of Mindspace area and is huge. The decor is simple yet gives a classy feel. We especially loved how Indian spices in all forms and colours are kept in glass jars that decorate the walls and partitions. There are live chat counter, dessert counter and a glass window that stands between you and the kitchen and lets you experience the food being prepared. There is an outdoor seating that houses a cafe with a la carte menu. The cafe is beautifully done and is definitely inviting!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were here for the buffet so let’s talk about that. Like we said earlier, the expanse of the menu is definitely going to leave you a little sad…no no, not because it is in any way less varied, but because you are not gifted with a few spare tummies so you could eat it all! 😉

We ate, we ate a lot, but we missed out on a lot and I blame the human anatomy for that! Here is a peek into what we hogged on at Bombay Barbeque:


The starters were served on the table. We started off with Panipuri, followed by a plate of Sevpuri, Dahi puri all of which were perfect and made fresh. They tend to make the Chaat options sweet-spicy, or what we call in the roadside language – medium, so if you would rather have them spicy or sweet, better mention in advance.

Cajun Spiced Potatoes

Then came the best thing ever – Cajun Spiced Potatoes. I am still not over these! How can this be so good! The potatoes were very crispy on the outside and soft inside. The gravy was mildly spicy and garnished with onions and coriander.

If we could, we would have only these for the meal! I am telling you, the human anatomy is letting me down seriously these days!

If only the Amazons and Flipkarts of the world could help solve this problem.

Anyway, before I digress, the other starters included Potli ka Khazana, Tandoori Sweet Potato along with the many options on the grill right in front of us.

Potli ka Khazana has a crispy exterior and is filled with potato and veggies mixture that is not spicy. Tandoori Sweet Potatoes are perfectly cooked to retain the mild sweetness and covered in a tangy gravy.

Just when we were starting to wonder, ‘They said BBQ, right?’ , they set teh grill on our table. On the grill were Silky Paneer Masala, Thai Grilled MushroomsChatpata Bhutta and Honey Chilli Pineapple. Paneer was soft and perfectly marinated in a non-spicy tikka masala gravy. The Thai mushrooms were amazing with the tangy flavour, succulent and went perfectly with the spicy green chutney. Honey Chili pineapple was another delicious surprise, tangy and firm on the outside, but once you bite in, the sweetness of pineapple does wonders. Bhutta was covered in a mixture of tamarind sauce, lime and chaat masala. So yummy and chatpata!

Salty Beach and Cran Cooler

Salty Beach was just perfect with the mixture of Kalakhatta and black currant. The salted rim only made the flavours better!

Cran Cooler is a refresing fizzy option with cranberry (obviously) and lots of lime juice. Loved it!

We also tried Arrabiata Pasta which was really good with a tangy tomato sauce and lots of veggies. It was garnished with lots of chilli flakes that made the aftertaste mildly spicy.

These are also served on the table. Another option was the white sauce pasta. The mini pizza is a thin crust pizza with veggies and cheese.

There is a concept of Wish Grill at every outlet, where a live counter is set and one can pick and choose any veggies (or meats) and the chef then prepares these in the way the customer likes!

This is a counter much in rage and worth a shot.

Lots of salads, papdi chats, papad etc. are also available here. But don’t go overboard with these ‘coz their Indian main course and desserts are amazing!

Pizza and Arrabiata Pasta

Main Course

Chilli Basil Noodles – Mildly spicy noodles with basil adding a really tempting aroma.

Three Pepper Fried Rice that went really well with Red Thai Curry. Intense coconut flavour dominated the curry and the last taste was a tad spicy. Liked it!

Chilli Basil Rice & Three Pepper Fried Rice
Red Thai Curry and Garden Veggies in Garlic Sauce

The number of Indian gravies and curries was insane! They had everything, from Dum Aloo to Dal Bukhara, and picking one is just so difficult!

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Paneer Awadhi Korma was a kofta based sabzi with a spicy gravy, each flavour coming alive. The kofta was really soft and perfectly marinated. Dum Aloo Hare Masale Ka is a spinach gravy based sabzi that is a must must try!

Langarwale Chole is spicy due to tons of garam masala and was so perfect with the steamed rice. Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda has perfect soft pakoras dipped in the gram flour based kadhi (curry). Delicioso!

Dal Bukhara was delicious and loaded with butter, the aroma itself was mouth watering! Gobi Sialkot is an interesting combination of cauliflower and broccoli made in Indian homestyle masala. The parathas, naan and kulchas are served on the table.


Where do I start with the desserts! They have an extensive range! From Jalebis that are made hot and crisp right in front of you to chocolate pops and cupcakes!

We tried Vanilla Cupcakes, Strawberry Swiss Roll, Mix ice cream and mousse. All of which were really good.

But the stars of the show were Rabdi -Jalebi and Rasmalai! The jalebis were small, hot and crispy pieces of heaven! So delicious. Rabdi was another highlight.The kesar flavour was just mind blowing! Rasmali is soft and really light, you won’t realise and you would have popped a few of these already! Do not miss these here, the regret shall be too high!

Overall Experience: Amazing! The food is just delectable! The service is outstanding. Your plates don’t go empty even for a minute. The servers are constantly on their toes making sure everything is right and every customer is tended to! The price is totally worth when you once you experience their impeccable hospitality.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: The only battle would be to have another bite of, just another bite of so many things!

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Fakt Café [Malad]

We are fans of small cafés and places that are known only to a few, hidden away in a corner!

Do you like such places too?

If yes, then Fakt Café is a place you should check out soon.

Fakt Cafe, that is ‘Only’  cafe, is a simple,  petite and cozy cafe in Orlem area. Already well known for the delicious paninis and salads, this is one place you should bookmark for your next pocket-friendly but hungry-for-good-food outing. It is quite easy to miss if you are just passing through the lane, but that is one mistake you should totally avoid.

Ritika Nagpal, a first-time restaurateur decided to give the place an Indo-western touch. One can feel this in the mix of retro Bollywood songs alternating with some English hits, in the mix of high tables on one side and trunks converted to seats on the other side. Light bulbs hang from the ceiling while a figure of Kathakali dancer holding a sub-sandwich bedecks another wall. They also have an outdoor seating, which would be perfect for an early morning or evening visit.

Blue Curacao & Coffee Banana Milkshake

The café has a good range of paninis, burgers, poutine, salads and smoothies. The owner is quite chatty and really helpful with her suggestions. She suggested us some of their top selling items and boy were those good!

Generally not the people to experiment with our coffee, but somehow, Coffee Banana Milkshake was really inviting us to give it a shot and we did!

Contrary to the overly sweet banana flavour that we were readying ourselves for, coffee dominates the taste in this milkshake. The mild bitter coffee taste coupled with the sweet banana bits made for a really good shake.

Blue Curacao was refreshing too.

We also tried Blueberry Cheese Cake Smoothie on Ritika’s recommendation and were surprised that it could be so light and refreshing. Perfect consistency and so delicious. We kept fighting for another sip! This is one you should definitely give a shot! 👍

Blueberry Cheesecake Smoothie

While we waited for Italian Cilantro Panini to make its way on our table, we relished the Fakt Special Salad, a good portion of exotic veggies, mainly lettuce, bell peppers, zucchini and feta cheese. It was topped with an in-house special dressing that gave it a tangy and mildly sweet taste. We called for a smaller portion, but should not have, ‘coz this was just yumm!

Fakt Special Salad
Italian Cilantro

If you like pesto but are a sucker for everything spicy, Italian Cilantro is the panini for you!

The panini has a really spicy pesto with cilantro, green chilli and garlic and is stuffed with exotic veggies and cheddar cheese.

Another delicious option is the Mushroom Cheese Philly which is a perfect combination of mushrooms and cheddar cheese. The aroma and the dominating flavour of cheese made our mouths water! Char grilled mushrooms with capsicum and onions just go perfectly in the panini. Definitely worth a try!

Paneer Pesto has a mild pesto with veggies like bell peppers, rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, onions and perfectly marinated soft cottage cheese.

Mushroom and Cheese Philly
Paneer Pesto

All the paninis are made in a multigrain bread that is soft and fresh. The relish served with the sandwiches is a yummy mixture of cucumber, onion and beetroot. Not that their sandwiches need any sort of add-on, but this relish can be relished on with the wafers for sure!

Cottage Cheese Burger
Barbeque Poutine

Cottage Cheese Burger is a must try burger here! The patty is a combination of paneer and cheese!

I know right!

So soft that it melts in the mouth. It is just flavourful and delicious. With veggies and more cheese, this is just amazing. 👍

We also tried Barbeque Poutine which is a combination of french fries in barbeque sauce and loaded with cheese. The barbeque sauce tasted perfect and this was another winner!

The sandwiches, burgers, etc. are served in cute cane baskets and the portion sizes are good.

Overall Experience: Fakt Café has really good food and cozy ambience, ideal for a quick bite or a leisurely meal. The food is light and delicious and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: Take a bite of the Cottage Cheese burger and then take a look at the person opposite/next to you. Do you still feel enough love to share it? I didn’t! 😉😉

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The Hood [Goregaon]

You know when sometimes, you meet someone or enter a place with certain expectations, ensuring that they are not sky-high, just merely achievable?

And then they surprise you, with not only meeting them but surpassing them and still going higher? Never happened?

Okay how about this, let’s remove the human angle and bring in food. Only food. Who cares about humans anyway, especially when food is in question? So, ever been to a place with a thought – ‘I think the food should be okay’ or ‘More of an ambience kind of place, food will be just fine’ or the universal non-drinker issue ‘It is a pub, the food will be average. But on the bright side, my friends get cheap alcohol?’

Well, you can let these bad, harmful and depressing thoughts out of your mind when you visit The Hood. A perfect and much-needed addition to the suburbs, the location could not get better. Amusing exterior, chic interiors, groovy music and a service with a smile.


A perfect and much-needed addition to the suburbs, the location could not get better. Amusing exterior, chic interiors, groovy music and a service with a smile.  The place is divided into two sections, the upper section where the music is a little louder and the lower one, where it is otherwise. Decent parking space is available and there is a valet service as well. The place opens around 5.30 in the evening and generally gets packed soon, so a prior booking is recommended.

The Hood is a baby of three very passionate young individuals, who have poured their heart into every aspect of the place. Ask with a smile, and I am sure they will indulge you with more details and a bigger smile. The food here is delicious, most of the items prepared with a slight twist, but the twist is sure to leave you smiling.

Here is a look at what we tried :

Stuffed Shrooms – Mushrooms stuffed with a creamy filling. The cashew nuts steal the show in the gravy! Delicious!

Stuffed Shrooms


Samosassy – Paneer Tikka masala filled in small patti samosas. Crisp and not at all oily. The filling was non-spicy but flavourful with the paneer soft and perfectly marinated. Served in a Martini glass, the Samosassy is perfect for gorging on.

Thalaiva Tacos – Thalaiva means Boss. And these Tacos stand out from the crowd out there like a boss for sure! The good old corn tortilla is replaced with crisp methi thepla. The tacos are huge, and by huge I mean giant. Stuffed with fresh veggies, guacamole, and yummy sour cream that you would want to lick off the plate. The methi thepla gives a mild bitter taste that makes it all the more interesting. The real delight is when you reach a little deeper and bite into the potatoes. Loved these so much! Must try here.

Thalaiva Tacos

Ever heard of a pub that can mix a delight that doesn’t have alcohol? Quiet unheard of right? Step aside for the Chocolate Delight (Strawberry and Dark Chocolate). A delicious mashup of chocolate and strawberries, this is something you do not want to and should not think about sharing. Hawa Hawai is a delicious mocktail with pineapple and coconut cream and has a mild sweet taste of white chocolate.

Chocolate Delight and Hawa Hawai

Pav Wow – It is a really wow take on the pav bhaji. The bhaji is a delectable version of the staple Veg Kolhapuri, a dish we order when we want something spicy to tingle our tastebuds. The pav in Pav-Wow are scooped out and the bhaji is filled in, topped with a little cheese and baked to crisp perfection. Garnished with sev, the Pav-Wow doesn’t fail to wow you. And they were crisp even after letting them be while we tried the Pesky Potayto Skins, the Chef’s take on the potato skins with cherry tomatoes and molten cheese. Just yummy and pesky!


Old Farmer’s Wife – The aroma hits you before you take the first bite and you really wanna just soak it all in. Herb rice, a mild spicy gravy, with Kaffir lime adding a slight citrusy taste to it. Toss in exotic veggies and you are good to go! Perfect thickness and texture, one is bound to dig in for ‘just one more bite’after every bite.

Old Farmer’s Wife

What is a good meal without a good dessert?  If you are a sucker for happy endings, then you ought to try the Torta De Tres Leches – a sponge cake soaked in three (tres) kinds of milk (leches) – condensed milk, evaporated milk and heavy cream, overnight. The cake was light and not at all soggy. Every bite felt like a gateway to heaven.

This is my second time trying Tres Leches. This dessert just doesn’t disappoint and the one at The Hood is a must must try. If you are still asking why, then how about this – I said no for a dessert ‘coz I was just too full, but my hosts insisted that I try this and I did. And after the first bite, I did not talk, just kept eating till the last bite. I seriously do not remember what people around me were talking about, it is that good!

Torta De Tres Leches

Churros – Fried dough pastry served with chocolate sauce. Perfectly crispy outside and soft inside and dusted with cinnamon, that adds a mouth-watering aroma to them. Loved these!


They also have some more delights with a twist that just makes you wanna try them. Their french fry buckets are pretty famous and the nachos are made with crisp methi theplas cut into chips. These two are on my list the next time I visit, which will be soon. Really soon!

Overall Experience: Perfect. Great food,  really good music and not very heavy on the pockets. Does one need anything else?

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: This one is hard to pick. Almost everything here is lip-smacking. But if I did have to pick one, it would be the Tres Leches cake. What a delight it was! Must have! One can’t get over how delicious it is!

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Joey’s Pizza [Malad]

Become so amazing at what you do that you need no introduction….

It goes without saying that Joey’s Pizza has managed to get this right! This place is another pizza heaven I love. Finger licking and waistline expanding pizzas!


Joey’s Pizza is one of the really good pizza places on this side of town. I have visited the place numerous times and have recommended it as many times! Go here for delectable cheesy pizzas, loaded with such crazy quantity of toppings, that you feel overwhelmed.

They have the half & half pizza option nailed! With an extraordinary amount of toppings on both the sides and a cheesy crust in a soft base,scrumptious to say the least!

Cheese Garlic Bread

We tried the Cheese Garlic Bread and it was perfect. The bread had the right garlicky taste and was toasted to perfection. Just plain delicious. This buttery-cheesy delight is amazing and you will most definitely not reach for the flakes and sprinkles when having this one!

Pizzas we tried : Margarita , Veggie Delight, Corn Exotica , Brave Heart, Roma and Mexican Bonanza. Nope, not at once, that would be impossible!

For the Brave Heart, you really need a brave heart. A very spicy and unique pizza, with rajma (black beans) onions, green chillies, and tons of cheese. Do not be fooled by the calm exterior. I would rate this as my favourite one here!

Mexican Bonanza and Brave Heart
Veggie Delight and Corn Exotica



Veggie Delight, Corn Exotica, Mexican Bonanza  with tons of toppings and a more than generous quantity of cheese are amazing options to satisfy your pizza cravings.

I love their Margarita pizza, which they serve without and with tomatoes (yup I know that makes it Neapolitan, but what is in a name, right? Everything’s in the pizza…) Sprinkle this one with tons of chilli flakes and trust me you will hog like you have never seen food before!

Even the best things have some cons. Joey’s takes a miraculously long time to prepare your pizza, but that can mostly be ignored considering the outcome is so damn good. You can expect an excruciatingly long time for them to deliver your pizza. The Malad outlet is generally  very crowded, and nine out of ten times, I have taken away my pizza to eat in my car. So ya, plan ahead for the long wait. The place is loved!

Overall experience : Pizza Pizza Pizza! Ooops… I mean great. Love the pizzas here, the only complaint being the atrocious waiting time. Service is okay and the place needs a little cleaning up.

Food 🙂

Ambience 😐

Service 😐

The Battle : Finish one large pizza from Joey’s in one go and we will talk!!

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Love & Latte

Love & Latte is a chain of cafés with some amazing coffee and tea options on offer.Having visited three of their outlets, I can say they are all outstanding… in terms of service, ambience and well, coffee!! The Andheri outlet is located near the Lokhandwala Circle and is just the ideal place in the swarmed area to enjoy a good cup of coffee. The outdoor seating and evenings are a perfect add-on to that cup! The one at Fort is immaculate in all ways! Perfect location and perfect ambience!

The Malad outlet is located in the commercial Mindspace region, but completely away from the traffic and chaos of the streets. In fact, the outlet located in such a far off corner.. that you can get a little confused locating it. This off-beat location is one of my favourite things about this place. The outlet has an indoor as well as an outdoor seating.The café is huge and spacious. Grab the sofa seats by the windows if you can, they are never available though, so, good luck with that!! The outdoor seating here is not suitable for those who are not comfortable with smoke.

They have a wide variety of beverages to choose from. We tried Coffee Tiramisu, Vintage Cold and Bronze Frost and were absolutely amazed!! It is difficult to pick one from these, but if ‘cold’ is your coffee type then these are your handy options!

Bronze Frost & Vintage Cold
Coffee Tiramisu

Tiramisu Hot Chocolate –  I just can’t get over it! It is the perfect blend and the fancy taste blew my mind away! If ‘hot’ is your beverage-type…you have to give this a try.

Tiramisu Hot Chocolate

We also tried the Passion Fruit Mojito which is surprisingly good. I expected a regular lemon based drink with a hip name.. but they meant passion fruit when they said passion fruit… giving us a tangy refreshing drink.

Passion Fruit Mojito

We also tried Paneer Tikka Sandwich,  Chicken Tikka Sandwich and Pasta Arrabiata. They are good but not much to rave about.

Chicken Tikka Sandwich
Pasta Arrabiatta

What you must never ever miss here is their Red Velvet Pastry/Cupcake. What a delight! The soft cream and the delicious cupcake are to die for. I have been a fan of this bundle of happiness since forever!

Red Velvet Pastry
Red Velvet Pastry
Walnut Brownie with Icecream

We also tried the Walnut Brownie with Icecream which is just as amazing. Served hot with dollops of chocolate sauce, it will melt in your mouth and make you fight for another bite!

Overall Experience: The service is friendly and the beverages are amazing.I would suggest you stick to beverages as the sandwiches and pasta are just basic (sometimes not even that). But the coffee will more than compensate for the rest!

Also, the place is open till late making it the perfect option for satiating the midnight coffee cravings!

Food 🙂

Service 🙂

Ambience 🙂

The battle: Are you kidding? I was raving about their Tiramisu Hot Chocolate and Red Velvet Cupcake like ten seconds ago!! Try them and you will know what a battle is when you have to decide which one to repeat!

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