वranda [Pali Hill, Bandra]

When we think of the word veranda, our mind inadvertently takes us to that part of our homes (generally our grandparents’ homes) where we had the best memories. It’s where we sat all evening and watched the rain work its wonder and make everything magically beautiful, where we had the most heart-to-heart conversations and where we played as kids. This verandais one of the cosiest places in our memories.

Our intention was not to get you all nostalgic, the food at वranda will do it for us. Our intention was to just tell you, how beautiful and cosy veranda is. ‘Coz वranda is, it is beautiful, it is cosy, it is charming and it is definitely worthy of every praise you have heard about it.


वranda is a creation to bring to us desi flavours with a videsi twist. वranda is tastefully decorated with pastel colours and bright floral prints, plants and flowers, beautiful lights and more. Art is deeply ingrained in every nook and corner of the restaurant. There’s chic upholstery, antique vases, bold doors, paintings that depict the many forms of India and Indian culture and more. वranda is a lovechild of an art gallery and restaurant if you ask us! It’s the perfect place for a cosy family brunch as well as a romantic dinner date.


The menu is limited to serving Indian dishes with a modern twist. So if you are dreaming dahi bada, be ready to experience new flavours in this very simple dish. Heard of sun-dried tomatoes on your pizza right? How about sun-dried tomatoes in your kulchas? They have created delicious aberrations while maintaining the integrity of the core dishes, and that is what we loved about the food at वranda.





There is another thing we were absolutely fascinated with – the menu is presented on a tab, with videos of dishes being prepared and plated. It got us exploring through the menu which then turned to rummaging. The videos are shot beautifully, and they just make you all the more hungry!







Here’s what we gorged on at वranda –

Raja Dahi Verma – A filmy name for a fancy version of our beloved Dahi Bhalla chaat. Dahi bhallas or badas soaked in curd and sweet-tangy tamarind chutney.  It is served on a bed of green mint chutney and topped with potato salli. Baked yoghurt squares are delicious and soft and the pomegranate jam reduction has a sharp and sweet taste. The overall dish is on the sweeter side but we loved the medley of flavours.

Raja Dahi Verma

Cottage Cheese Trilogy – Very soft malai paneer chunks, done in three delicious styles – fresh basil, spicy tikka/zafrani one and a saffron based marination. Each one has intense flavours and is delicious.

Cottage Cheese Trilogy

Veg Seekh Kebabs – The seekh kebabs are soft and literally melt-in-the-mouth. The seekh kebabs have a very strong flavour of cardamom, almost to the point of shadowing other flavours. These are served on a bed of fresh chopped vegetables with a sweet-spicy mint chutney.

Veg Seekh Kebabs

Rajasthani Gatta Nu Saak – Gatte Ki Sabzi and their delicious kulchas! They nailed the gravy and flavour of the sabzi. Mindblowing aroma and lip-smacking taste. Just the right amount of spices and it took us back to Nanima’s kitchen. The gatte (flour balls), however, were a little too firm, which is bound to happen given the short time allowed for preparation. These were served with sun-dried tomato kulchas and basil kulchas. A mini meal in itself. And did we mention that we are a fan of the tomato kulchas? You will be too, do try them.

Rajasthani Gatta Nu Saak

Mix Berry Lemonade – A combination of strawberries, raspberries and lemon. It packs a punch with the tanginess. Loved it.

Chocolate Basil Lemonade – Yes, that was our reaction too. Chocolate and basil? In a mocktail? Are you sure? But be sure that you give this one a shot. It an amazing combination. First, there is the fresh flavour of basil and lemon and then slowly you get the chocolatey taste. Lemon and chocolate could be this good a duo, is difficult to fathom.

Mix Berry Lemonade and Chocolate Basil Lemonade

Gulkand Chocobar – A dreamy preparation with lots of soft and airy chocolate mousse, bits of gulkand and thick, dense chocolate. It is the right amount of sweet with the gulkand adding a mind-blowing edge to it. Sugar coated fennel seeds add a fresh crunch to every bit. Just loved how smooth and light the mousse was. This is a must have at वranda.

Gulkand Chocobar

Overall Experience – Delicious food, a delightful ambience and good service makes वranda a place you must visit. It may not be easy on the pocket but is definitely worth the money spent.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂 🙂

Service 🙂

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Melting Morsels [Pali Hill, Bandra]

Does it happen to you too?

That you are just passing by and randomly spot a café or a restaurant that makes you want to step inside or visit? ‘Coz it happens to us often. We are en route to somewhere and suddenly another place catches our attention. So we either step out and check it out or we note it down and come back to it.

That’s what happened again the other morning when we were in Bandra and passed by the famous Janta wali gully 😉

A pista green board with Melting Morsels etched on it in golden caught our eyes. It was a small dessert parlour. We immediately googled it and fount that it served desserts, freak shakes, coffee and a few small meals. Intrigued, we decided that this was worth a visit, and soon!

Two days later, we are here! A cute patisserie, done up in pastel hues and floral prints. Desserts are obviously the main focus, as you can see from the display counter and if that does not give it away (duh!) then look at the picture frames on the wall or the cookie jars behind or the display of cupcakes! If you look closely, you will also find a few puffs and quiches, sandwiches and pasta in small transparent cups. There is not much room for seating more than 5-6 people inside and 4-5 people outside.


Melting Morsels is made with love and the desserts and food here are made with equal passion! The kitchen lies upstairs and the food is prepared fresh. This place is a month old and already has a fan following in the area for their pastries and cakes, as is obvious by the cards and sticky notes full of praises & appreciation decorating the walls and from repeat customers that kept dropping by!

Considering it was a hot afternoon, we skipped the hot coffee options and went in for the freak shake rather and got a Mixed Berry Cheese Cake Freak Shake. Strawberries, cranberries and whipped cream. An incredibly delicious combination, strawberries added a little sweetness to the tangy cranberry. Loaded with whipped cream and sprinkles, this is amazing! The jar size is small though but at ₹100 for this goodness, you won’t complain. Worth every last penny! ❤❤

Mixed Berry Cheese Cake Freak Shake

As we sipped our freak shake, a small cup of spaghetti in red sauce caught our attention. Tempted, we called for Spaghetti with Minced Vegetable Balls – one from their meals in a cup section! Vegetable balls were not available so we were given the option of broccoli and mushrooms and we went ahead with that. The perfectly spiced tomato based sauce made this an incredible option! Delicioso!

Spaghetti win Red Sauce

We wanted to try Biryani in a cup but it was not available because of multiple orders in the morning. Definitely going back for that one.

Oreo Cupcake ended the short meal on a high. The cream on top was to die for. Chocolate based base with cream and oreo crumble on top, this was just amazing!

Oreo Cup Cake

Melting Morsels is a place you should bookmark for your crazy sweet tooth cravings. The variety is huge and literally everything looks so good that you are half satisfied just by looking at it!

Melting Morsels – Google Maps

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