Delhi Highway [Sakinaka]


The ambience of Delhi Highway gives you a royal feel, to say the least. Beautiful and artsy gold and ivory work, with blue undertones. The designs and the decor in the restaurant are straight out of a picture from royal darbar.

The seating is comfortable, with a few semi-separated group sofas among other tables. The service is really friendly and prompt. Delhi Highway is generally packed due to its location and its amazing food and hence a prior booking is recommended.


They have an a la carte menu as well as a set thali menu. There are two different thalis for lunch and dinner. Lunch thali consists of four starters and main course dishes along with lassi and desserts and is priced at 499(plus taxes). Dinner thali has six starters and is priced at 650(plus taxes). The prices are decent for the ambience and the food is amazing!

Here is a look at our royal meal at Delhi Highway :

Masala Mint Cooler

Masala Mint Cooler – Basically Virgin Mojito, this was refreshing but a little sweeter than desired.

Tomato Dhaniya Shorba – A clear tomato based soup, a strong aroma of coriander hits you, and the taste is just perfect. No hint of sweetness, perfectly spiced, the shorba was really good.

Masala Papad Cones – Crispy papads rolled up into a cone with the masala (onions, tomatoes, coriander and spices) stuffed inside. It was topped with a spicy mint chutney which added to the flavour. These were served in glasses decked up in a wooden box.

Gol-gappa Shot – Shot glasses full of spicy paani,topped with the puri which is stuffed with boondi and spices. The paani of Gol gappa is more on chilli water side, perfect for those who love their panipuri really spicy.

Mix Chat – Dahi bhalla chat, with really soft bhalla and lots of mix chutneys (sauces), garnished with sev, coriander and pomegranates. It was delicious but a little sweet. Make sure you tell them about your chutney preferences before they get this!

Dahi Bhalla Chat/Mix Chat

Charcoal Mushrooms – Mushrooms stuffed with a paneer (cottage cheese) and some vegetable  stuffings and marinated in a mild spicy tikka gravy. The mushrooms absorbed the delicious gravy but also retained their original taste leading to a delicious starter.

Charcoal Mushroom

Naramdil Kabab – Stuffed with delicious melt in the mouth malai paneer and peas, with a crispy exterior, these are a delight! Not even a drop of chutney or pickle is needed to have these as the paneer used in itself is delicious and flavourful. Have them hot and you will love them!

Broccoli Pesto Tikki – More on the lines of Hara Bhara Kabab. Mix stuffing and perfectly spiced. Served with a spicy chutney on top.

Broccoli and Pesto Tikki and Naram Dil Kabab

Indo-Mexican Quesadilla – A fusion dish, semi crisp Parathas stuffed with a mixture of capsicums, onion, tomatoes and black beans in a salsa style gravy.They lacked any particular distinct taste. Had these been spicier, they would have tasted much better.

Indo-Mexican Quesadilla

Kadhai Pasta – Pasta cooked in a tikka gravy, spicy with lots of veggies from tomatoes and capsicums to mushrooms and olives. The tikka gravy based pasta was delicious. The twist here was that this pasta is served with tandoori naans. A combination that amuses you as well as amazes you. It is every bit lip smacking and worth a try!

Kadai Pasta

The main thali was replete with all types of flavours from spicy to sweet, from kulcha to rice.


Corn Palak – Perfect combination of palak (spinach) and garlic gravy with corn.

Methi Malai Matar – A delicious combination otherwise, except for the fact that malai/cream overshadows the taste of methi. It goes on the sweeter side rather that a slightly bitter taste that methi would have otherwise rendered.

Pindi Chana – Pindi Chana was the highlight of the sabzi options in the thali. Thick mild spicy gravy, lots of garam masala, garlic and ginger. Loved this one. What aroma and what taste!!

Dal Delhi Highway – Creamy dal, Bukhara style. Non – spicy and delicious.

Paneer Delhi Style – Non-spicy but distinctly flavoured gravy, strong taste of ajwain and on the creamier side. Delectable! Loved this one as well.

Raita – Thick curd with spices (jeera and red chilli powder) and coriander. Peas Pulao and Paneer Kulcha were also a part of the thali.

Kheer – Mind Blowing taste, just perfect sweetness which managed to bring out the taste of  kesar. Topped with finely chopped dry fruits, you are definitely reaching out for more!

Jalebi & Rabdi – Delicious jalebis, not overly sweet, crispy and perfect. Served with a creamy rabdi. Hot Jalebis and Rabdi, they nail this combination with style. Must try here, irrespective of how full you are!

Jalebi Rabdi
Delhi Special Lassi

Delhi Special Lassi – Another feather in their hat, a thick sweet and creamy lassi served chilled in a kulhad. Don’t say no to this one even if you are not a lassi person.

By the way, why are you not?😛

So the moral of this drool-worthy story is that, keep some space in your tummy for their mind-blowing desserts, there is a reason they are served last here!

Overall Experience :  Burrrpppp….!! Lip smacking food with the perfect flavours (mostly) and amazing service. You won’t get a reason to complain.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle : Jalebi or Kheer or Rabdi or Lassi? The struggle, I tell you. But in the end, have it all. No regrets!! 😛

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Peninsula Grand [Sakinaka]

Peninsula Grand is all for its grand royal feel.  This is the place to go to if you want a calm peaceful evening with some amazing Ghazals adding a serene melody to your evening. With the royal white and gold interiors, great service and a huge menu spread, Peninsula Grand is the perfect place for a quiet family outing or a candle light dinner.

We were here very recently for dinner and were amazed by their warm hospitality. The evening was perfect with the stunning performances by the ghazal singers and ended on an astonishingly good note. This time, dessert came last and it was marvellous. Well now that I have taken your hopes up high, how about I keep them there by telling you all about this one?

I am talking about the Madhur – Milan. A delicious concoction of Rabdi, Gulab Jamun and Boondi  😘 😍  I never knew these three could come together to form something so delectable. A bed of delicious boondi and a top layer of Gulab Jamuns and Pistachio (pista) in an exceptionally yummy rabdi with cherries on top. The Gulab Jamuns were perfect, neither too sweet nor lacking it. The top layer was a little torched, baked to give it the warm fuzzy taste. This was as good as it gets! ❤❤

Madhur Milan

Here’s a peep into what else we ordered :

Palak Shorba

Palak Shorba : A strong Spinach taste with delicious soft pieces of malai paneer (cottage cheese), this soup was deliciously green.


Nazakat-e-Shorba : A mix vegetable soup, failed to leave a mark. Very liquidy with no prominent taste.

Fruity Sangria : A mix of various fruit juices with a cherry on top. A little on the sweeter side, almost felt as if we were drinking liquid Poppins candy.

Fruity Sangria

Veg. Tandoori Platter: A well-assorted veg platter that consisted of Seekh Kabab, Naram Dil Kabab, Paneer Tikka, Saunde Aaloo, Harabhara Kabab and Cauliflower Tikka.

Veg. Tandoori Platter

The Seekh Kabab were my favourite, spicy and perfectly tandoor-ed (yup, I invented that word). The NaramDil Kabab have a very strong coconut taste, with a corn coated crunchy exterior and soft interior. The paneer is not typically melt-in-the-mouth soft. It is a good option for those who like or do not mind coconut in their food, I personally did not find it much appealing. The Paneer Tikka was good, with soft paneer coated with a red gravy. The Hara Bhara Kabab and the Cauliflower tikka were good too. All in all, the appetizers need a little revamp in the taste.

Subz Dobora: This was a delicious mix vegetable with two gravies – Red and Green. The green gravy was spinach based while the red one was the usual tikka type tomato based gravy. Loads of vegetables and mildly spicy. This one was a chef’s speciality and rightly so!

Subz Dobara

Aloo Ki Tehree: Tehree ( Tehri) is a spicy rice that is very famous in Awadhi cuisine. A simple dish with aromas of turmeric and cooked potatoes, this one is a welcome break from the regular biryani and pulao.

Aloo Ki Tehree

Overall experience : Amazing ambience and a great show by the Ghazal performers, this place ensures you have a great evening.

Food 🙂

Ambience 🙂 🙂

Service 🙂

The Battle: The delicious Madhur – Milan will most definitely ensure a battle between you and everyone else craving another bite of it.

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Gurukripa [Powai]

There are some places, that you hardly ever hear of, even though they are every bit worthy of any hoopla generated. These are the places that at times really surprise you. Gurukripa is one such place. Nope, they do not have any connection with the other Gurukripa in Sion. This one is located on the Saki Vihar road ; a pocket-friendly and diet-unfriendly fine dine restaurant that I recently had the opportunity to visit.

The restaurant is done up nicely, with a cozy feel. The crowd is generally family or corporate crowd. It has a ground floor dining area,  private cabins for families and corporates above and a rooftop seating area as well! A unique and simple place, with some delicious food on the offer.

We started with the Fusion Cottage Cheese, Mushroom and Spinach Soup along with Cheese Rumali Masala Papad. The fusion soup was delicious, with an intense taste of mushrooms. Small pieces of cottage cheese (paneer) and mushrooms  just added to the delectable taste. The pieces of paneer would just melt in the mouth! I remember we stopped talking when we were having the soup!

Fusion Cottage Cheese, Mushroom and Spinach Soup

The masala papad was a crazy huge portion of a papad topped with masala (tomatoes, onions, spices, etc.) and loaded with cheese. The papad was crispy and a good option for  munching but so huge that it would quite easily serve four people!


In order to try a little more variety, we got half portions of Paneer Cheese Tikki  and Desi Paneer Tacos. (Perks of being a blogger :p ) Both the starters were mind -blowingly amazing. I think I have already mentioned about the Paneer Cheese Tikki (Cheese balls) to ten people! The delicious melt in the mouth combination of paneer and cheese, adequately spiced, served with a yummy green chutney – nirvana! The pictures will tell you the rest of the story!

Paneer Cheese Tikki
Paneer Cheese Tikki

The Desi Paneer taco is an Indian twist to the Mexican tacos, a spicy paneer (cottage cheese) gravy served in small methi roti topped with vegetables – a delicious and filling option. We loved this one as well. And yet again, the paneer was so soft, we had to know the secret.On asking the manager, we found that it was malai paneer that they use for all their preparations, rendering it a creamy soft texture and a mouth watering taste.

Desi Paneer Tacos
Desi Paneer Tacos

For the main course, we had the Vegetable Biryani, which was just perfect. The vegetable gravy in the biryani had a distinct earthy flavour to it, the existence of which was explained when we found out that the entire dish is cooked in an earthen oven with layers of gravy and rice piled up. Served with raita(curd) and pickle, this was delicious!

Vegetable Biryani

We were too full to have another bite, but that did not come in the way of Gadbad. For those who don’t know what Gadbad is, rest assured, I shall tell you. It is the most famous ice cream in the south, especially Mangalore, with layers of kesar or mango ice-cream, jelly, loads of dry fruits, strawberry ice-cream, fresh fruits and vanilla ice-cream. Sounds a bit too much? Thus the name! Anyway, coming back to the Gadbad served at Gurukripa, it was made perfectly with tons of fruits, dry fruits and topped with wafer biscuits! Delicious indeed!


We also had a black currant based mocktail, I-am Black which was true to its name and flavour. A little on the sweeter side, but good nonetheless.

I-am Black

Overall Experience: Delicious food, overwhelming quantity (yes, even after half portions) and very humble and quick service. Kudos to the people managing this place, ready to answer, serve and smile!

Food:) 🙂



The Battle: Getting over the cheesy flavour of the Paneer Cheese Tikki. Try them and you will know why I am boasting about them!

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